In Samara in front of the doors of the government set the coffin with the body of the deceased. The inhabitant of Tolyatti Anna Plotnikova thus said that the municipal funeral service has stopped her last farewell to her civil husband, having demanded from it 50 thousand roubles. While privately owned, to which she applied, she promised to bury the deceased free of charge, on the so-called “warranty list” — in exchange for compensation from the state in the amount of six thousand rubles. First municipal funeral service did not want to issue a permit for burial, then about 15 people in medical masks prevented the burial physically.

In this story it is unclear why a private funeral company is ready to bury people almost for thanks and what role was played by Samara district Deputy Azat Tuimaseve who actively post what is happening in social networks and gave comments — incidentally, he is also engaged in the funeral business. Someone calls the incident a planned provocation related to the redistribution of the funeral business. But the fact remains: to go to the other world is so expensive that just the thought of it can speed up the process of care.

Funeral in Saratov

As soon as the inhabitant of the Saratov Anna Gladkova closed the door for the ambulance, which recognized the death of her 92-year-old grandfather called her. “You’re all in shock, and they are so sloppily: Hey, che, you’re dead? Where are we to go? I say: Hey, who gave you my phone? They are: already a dead man have? where to go?” Anna did not continue the conversation. But after a few minutes she called other strangers. So all night it offered different funeral home.

When the police arrived and the coroner, they called a hearse to the morgue belonging to the municipal funeral service “Ritual”. With her Gladkova and signed a contract on integrated provision of services for conducting the funeral.

“The service there is a level of “scoop”. Ask anything, my aunt with thickly pomaded lips and blue shadows askance to look at you and survive for a long time — say, what are you all asking, see I’m eating. It’s okay, we did not expect,” — says Anna.

The girl was surprised prices on accessories: “price Tag! Of course, calculated that people in grief can’t think straight — and thus they do everything to Rob. It is proposed, for example, a pseudo white Church veil with a barely marked in black crosses — it’s like gauze. This is a blanket with an icon and candles worth 900 rubles. Wreaths — wrinkled, God knows what it’s like, just a sloppy pile of cheap artificial flowers, and are like a dozen freshly picked roses. The cheapest and about 400 rubles, well, it’s right shame. And so on the rest of the list. What is cheaper — it’s just the fear of the master’s! I would even my cat, who died a year ago, so not buried!”

Even more the girl was surprised by the price of services in the municipal ritual Agency: “the Principle of pricing as in the joke about Apple: pedal free of charge and slow charge. They are a fad, right to idiocy, for all take money: make the coffin out of the car — one price, put the coffin on a stool — another cost to remove a stool is the third price”. In the contract it was found such fun items as “setting plates” — 150 rubles (plate made of white plastic with gray letters stuck in the ground with one button press), “examination of the scene in the cemetery” — 800 rubles (does that make someone difficult to ascertain).

According to the girl, also “very much messed up morgue”: “When the deceased grandfather took from the apartment the undertaker, they wrapped him in plastic and a blanket to make it easier to carry. At the morgue after all procedures I can see under the body a layer of film, and under him is in a coffin the same cover! Why clean, rubbed with the disinfecting solution body again laying in dirty plastic and in a smelly blanket?! Indeed, the body was in very bad condition, it had a terrible smell. Took like a pig the money and send to the light dirty!” — outraged by Anna Gladkova. Services for sanitary processing, filling cavities with formalin, dressing and laying the deceased a cost of 5500 rubles. Gladkov was going to write a statement that he doubted whether there was actually rendered paid service, and ask for a recording with hidden cameras. But relatives convinced her not to do it, fearing that the body will be exhumed after burial.

“The team all time rushing People indifferent, insensitive, the faces of all drinkers. I insisted that we overpaid for the coffin — painted, almost black, like in the American movies. And when the undertaker took out the coffin from the morgue, they wrote it on a metal jamb. I’m like, guys, well, you would at least be more careful! They: Oh, and roll their eyes. Do everything as if for free make it work,” continues Anna Gladkova.

The hearse “premium” in cost of 3500 roubles per hour (“it can be used for the money in the limo to carry the coffin”) was dirty inside and out. In addition, according to Anna, the ventilation in the cabin is not included or it didn’t work, and relatives in the heat of summer was driving from downtown to Elshanskogo cemetery, breathing in the putrid smell.

In addition, employees MUP “Ritual”, apparently, forgot to take the icon included in the final price. The ritual was offered a small plastic icon, similar to the one that hung in the car — with double-sided tape on the back side.

When the coffin was buried, the undertakers were not given Gladkov a handful of earth from the grave for the deceased in absentia funeral (price: 500 rubles). Employee “Ritual” without self-reported that the land supposedly still picked up and transferred to the Church. Later Anna had to go to a Church on the outskirts of the Factory to check the records whether the deceased read the burial service.

A veteran of the great Patriotic war buried on a special “front area” Elshanskogo cemetery. Handing Gladkov evidence of the burial, Brigadier put before the fact: here there are three Kopar and I — will thank us, please, for 500 rubles. Before Gladkova paid on the price of 5200 rubles for the digging of the grave, and because he refused to leave a “tip”.

“Funeral in Saratov organized so badly that I want near the corpse to lie and say bury!” — summarizes Anna Gladkova.

“Then, please: the body in the bag and in a mass grave”

To find out, as today there are funerals and can you die for free, I visited several funeral agencies and went to the cemetery.

Kiseleva street, which is our version, mournful is the main street of the city — its length there are a dozen funeral agencies, workshops on production of gravestone monuments and shops of ritual paraphernalia. Here is the municipal unitary enterprise “Ritual”.

— Hello! Where you have died? — no doubt, a woman in black robes sitting surrounded by coffins and wreaths in the store of funeral goods. I tell her the legend — say, a relative on their last legs, I want to know in advance the price of services. Consultant thrusts the card at me and turns his back, clearly having lost interest in me: — that’s when it happens, then immediately call us. We are the only municipal service in the city! — she adds.

I understand a woman wanting to check the prices. The consultant says that cheaper than 20 thousand rubles to say goodbye to the man just will not work — and that the list includes only the hearse, the cheapest wooden coffin upholstered with red cotton, wreath, permission, digging the grave. For the cross, ribbon, bedspread, mortuary services, funeral will have to pay extra on top — that is in 20 thousand roubles it is impossible to meet in any way. Interested in a guaranteed list of services in burial (according to the law, citizens are guaranteed the provision of services on a gratuitous basis, the municipal budget this year will spend 5946 rubles 47 kopecks for each such deceased).

— No, we is not is! This is long gone, cuts off the employee “Ritual”. Then he adds with a claim: — you want to give?! Then please: the body in the bag and in a mass grave.

In another private ritual Agency on the street Kiseleva minimal price tag, I counted also in the amount of 20 thousand rubles, and admitted that in truth cheaper 35 thousand to say goodbye to an imaginary cousin will not work. Tried to talk me out of contact in the municipal funeral service — the prices are supposedly the same, and the quality is much worse.

In the third ritual Agency, also private, a minimum package of services has already risen to 35-40 thousand rubles. The average funeral of “turnkey” cost 60 thousand rubles. The trip here turned into a stress. Seeing me, depicting the confusion in connection with threatening an imminent loss, the consultant pushed in a raised voice:

— I’ll say it again: as soon as this happens, the first thing you call us, and then the district physician!

After this treatment the feeling that I’m stupid, worthless, an insect, which is now crushed, but the other choice I have. Imagine the emotions of people, in reality in this situation.

Next, I went to the old Elshanskoe cemetery, which closed in 2006, but the fence which is gradually extended and has almost went out on the roadway. Here, the employees MUP “Ritual” has informed me that only “podchorkivaet” relatives, it will cost 10-14 thousand rubles.

If relatives then there is no need to go further, to the new cemetery near the village Storozhevka. There, “when it happens” to discuss the location of the grave with cemetery administration. The exact price list of the interlocutors do not speak, but there is evidence that a good place near the road, close to the entrance, you can give up to forty thousand rubles. Burial no preference on the choice of the place for free.

Interested in how to look at the budget funeral guaranteed by the state list.

Objectors are buried all together in the far sections of the new cemetery, to this week taking them to the morgue — says an employee of the MUP Ritual, drinking tea with sweets. Then she with a colleague discussing the news from Samara: No, that is nonsense — to be buried in six thousand roubles, as she promised there is one Ritualist, in our time no way!

That is, to die with dignity by the state will not work. The most that you can count on one-time social allowance from the state for a funeral in the same size 5946 rubles 47 kopecks.

Expensive way to heaven
The fact that the funeral business is virtually controlled either in terms of prices nor in terms of the quality of the services, recognize the authority of the different levels. Recently, the Ministry of construction of Russia proposed fine for violations in the sphere of funeral services.

Two years ago Governor Valery Radaev instructed to understand the Public chamber of the region with much sorrowful Affairs in the region. Alexander Lando then counted that the market of funeral services revolves one and a half billion rubles, and taxes the region receives only 35 million, whereas, on the basis of turnover, they should be 140-150 million. Later, Lando noted that the MUP Ritual takes only 25-30 percent of the market, and this share, he said, needs to be increased to 50 to make a funeral affordable to everyone — because the team, as he is convinced that buried two times cheaper than private traders.

A real step in this direction was that in June of 2018, the regional Prosecutor’s office sent claims municipalities to create a municipal funeral service in those areas where they are yet. The Governor also called on the municipalities, “not to profit at the expense of the dead.” In fact, this resulted in the fact that in rural areas, where the burying was still free, funeral business commercialized through the creation of municipal unitary enterprises of the ritual.

To go to heaven, promised by the President of the country — a luxury for Russians.

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