watchOS 5.1 turns the Apple Watch into kibicpolski have begun to complain about an issue with the upgrade to 5.1 watchOS. It breaks the clock.
Some owners report that their watch has become a “brick”. And all because of problems with the activation of the firmware.

My Apple Watch Series 4 hung in the installation process watchOS 5.1. For about one and a half hours on the clock screen would not display anything except the white Apple logo.

I contacted support where I was informed that get similar complaints from other users experiencing the same problem.

I was advised not to touch the Apple Watch the next 2-3 hours. But what the hell? Why the update, which normally takes 10 minutes now takes 2-3 hours? — one of the victims
Many of the victims have not earned hours. Apple has temporarily withdrawn the update due to issues with updating and activating smart watches.
Mainly affected owners of the Apple Watch Series 4. Waiting for the fix.

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