Within the upcoming WWDC 2019 Apple must show not only iOS and macOS 10.15 13, but also a new operating system for its smart watch. Prior to the event, the authors of the edition Bloomberg shared a detailed list of innovations that need to be done in 6 watchOS.

According to sources, the cupertinos will add to the OS quite a lot. In particular, watchOS 6 should have new dials. At the moment there are five new screens:

• Gradient with a smooth transition from one color to another.
• X-Large with big numbers and letters.
• California classic hour dial.
• Solar Analog that will remind sundial
• Infograph Subdial with additional widgets for quick viewing of stock quotes and weather.

Also cupertinos can modify existing dials, adding additional widgets and switches.

In addition, watchOS 6 must be new and standard applications: Calculator, Books (listen to audiobooks) and Voice notes (with the ability to listen on all Apple devices).

But that’s not all. Sources reported Apple’s plans to create a separate app store that will work directly from your wrist and allow you to install new programs without having to use this iPhone.


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