After tvOS 13 was announced and the new version watchOS. Looking ahead, we can say that Apple’s operating system for smart watches happened at precisely the changes reported by network sources. We are talking about new dials and a private app store.

Definitely be called the biggest innovation watchOS 6 is quite difficult. For some, they will become new standard applications: calculator, audiobooks and voice memos. A distinctive feature of these tools is that they run on the clock locally, and does not require for its work pairing with iPhone.

For others, the brightest and the biggest change in watchOS 6 will be the application store. It will allow users to view, pay and download different programs for the Apple Watch directly on the watch itself. According to representatives of Apple, in fact, the store hours has about the same features and capabilities as the “big” App Store. This means that users can not only download but also update the application.

When working on watch OS 6 cupertinos not forget about the different functions related to health and fitness. In particular, the system has an indicator of the noise level. The new function can demonstrate how noisy is the environment. In addition, Apple added watchOS a standalone app aimed at women, with the help of the fair sex will be able to track your cycle.

watch OS 6 will be available to developers next week. The release of the final version to be held in autumn this year. Install watchOS 6 will be on:

  • Apple Watch Series 1
  • Apple Watch Series 2
  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4


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