How many maps the “World” will give VTB in 2019? What additional discounts will be offered to Bank as its “world” customers? That the Russians pay phones?

According to the rating of VTB takes the second place on number of issued cards “Mir” in Russia in 2018. By what you have achieved and plan to develop this direction in the coming year?

VTB is one of the largest banks in the country with a large client base. Currently, we issued 10 million cards “the World”. The main “recharge” our issue has happened in the past year due to the transfer of clients from public sector in the “World”. In my opinion, “Multicarta” VTB on the basis of “the World” turned out to be one of the best on the market from the point of view of filling for the client. This year we plan to give more than a million domestic cards. It is as products to state employees, and yourself to clients maps “the World.” A substantial portion will be issued through various municipal programmes (transport and social card), universities and other educational institutions (e.g., campus card), as well as salary projects with a social component.

— Your product line national card is presented as a “Peace Premium,” even if we are talking about salary and pension products. Why have you chosen this format?

— “Multicarta” VTB is indeed a premium from the point of view of services and set of services. At the moment in our portfolio we are left with only one product — “Multicard” — with a number of small differences for different categories of customers. It is a conscious decision, it helps the client not to get lost in the product line of the Bank and still get maximum bonuses, best specific.

— This approach helped to increase transaction turnover on the cards?

— Of course. Now the client can simultaneously receive two bonuses — as when the card is used and in the calculation of retail and service enterprises-partners of the Bank. It directly stimulates customers to more regular shopping. So now instead of five different cards, some of which is not used, you need only one — “Multicarta”, transaction of the activity for which the end of the month, summed for the calculation of the maximum amount of bonuses.

— Will you offer some new commercial card on the basis of “the World”?

— No, because originally we created a “Multicard” as a universal product with the most favorable options for the customer. On the other hand, we will modify our existing product range on the basis of “the World” will add bonuses similar to the ones on the cards of international payment systems. Now discussing the realization of this possibility with the National system of payment cards (nspk operator card “the World”).

— What will it give your customers?

— First of all, additional individual discounts at some merchants that are our partners. Customers will be able to obtain an additional 7% to their shopping on a regular basis, and one-time bonuses, for example, large reteylovy networks in anticipation of the holidays can reach 25%. To obtain the clients only need to perform your usual daily transactions.

— Does the Bank issue credit and prepaid cards “the World” from VTB in the foreseeable future?

— So far, at least this year, the launch of prepaid and credit “of the World” are planned. We are now releasing the name (s ambodiriana) and numberwang card “the World”. In this case, note the trend in which initially large enough number of customers “trying out” non-personalized card and only after that to name. Now depending on the region so do 40-60% of the holders of the “World”. While just two years ago, 85-90% of customers were immediately issued a personalized card. This trend is due to the simplification of obtaining embassyreview card — the customer becomes the owner of the plastic within 15 minutes after the conclusion of the contract. Moreover, the use embassyreview card is no different from the name all transactions are completed in normal mode. Especially comfortable and functional remository plastic for those who frequently makes online purchases.

— A co-branded projects will appear on the maps of “the World” VTB?

— We have decided to abandon any cobrando with any payment system. Our “Multicarta”, in which there are special terms for the transaction services, you can once a month to change the bonus category. This eliminates the need of re-issuing cards in the event of a fundamental change to the bonus categories, so you have to make the clients using co-branded cards.

— What are your plans for the development of remote service channels?

— We plan to simplify not only the processes of opening products in remote channels, but the subsequent customer service. For example, will start issuing virtual cards: immediately after the order, the customer will be able to use it in “VTB-Online”, to bind to the Pay services and make purchases.

— In your opinion, how will this affect the popularity of the cards “the World” starting the payment by them through Google Pay and Samsung Pay?

— Bind the card to the electronic wallet approximately two times increases the transactional activity on it, although the amount of the transaction across the function, Pay less. And the absence, until recently, possibilities to tie the card “the World” to the electronic wallet was quite a large limitation for a significant number of customers who are accustomed to use it.

Now “the World” actually “lives” only on Samsung phones, as they say colleagues from NPCs, is working on implementing in the near future similar service Mir Pay for all models Android. Of course, this will increase the chances of “the World” to become the map that the client takes on a regular basis with yourself and with her help conducting the majority of operations.

— The owners of any smartphones often pay digital wallet?

— Despite the fact that in Russia, as elsewhere in the world, Android more, transaction activity on them are lower than on iOS devices. The number of committed-to-day operations and the average amount Google Pay and Apple Pay varies depending on the region and the average wage of the client. However, I can say that the minimum transaction that customers make using the Pay function is 25-50 rubles. It spending on public transportation, a small “snack” or coffee to go. The average check in Russia is 150 rubles for buying.

— You have recently begun to issue contactless card “the World” for the public sector. When will the issue for all clients?

— We plan to do it at the end of the first quarter of 2019. I believe that each client should be able to use them or e-wallet. While VTB Bank will do its best to people have a decent choice of different instruments of payment.

Interviewed by Anna DUBROVSKAYA,

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