Negotiating is an art, which is often neglected by aspiring entrepreneurs. A lot of transactions breaks after the first meeting with potential partners and investors are reluctant to listen to the pitches.

We own experience know how important it is to prepare for the meeting. Negotiation is a test version for future cooperation, which demonstrates your level of professionalism and validated the format of the command interaction with new people.

When suddenly appointed to an important meeting…

We spontaneously organized a very important meeting with a potential partner in the person of “Gazprom-media”. She was scheduled for 10 am in Moscow, and we at that time was in Kazan — and the window it was night.

Without thinking, we had tickets to the earliest flight the test builds and went to the capital. At that time (spring of 2018) we were in the development stage, but we had a relatively stable build of the application with examples of interactive movies.

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The purpose of the meeting: to present our technologies and solutions of interest to the holding company in creating content for our site. While we finish the platform and the marketplace, “Gazprom-media” produced for us by the content — it was the perfect scenario of the outcome of the negotiations.

Tactics is, it is necessary to adhere to. We arrived half an hour before the appointed time, the technician gave us access to Apple TV, so we can tune in.

That debacle

A few minutes later, we did a test run. It was a fiasco: the application firmly stood on the loading screen, no signs of life.

After standard procedures restarting the application, phone and Apple TV the patient to life not back.

A moment of panic passed, and we contacted the developers, for whom the situation is also a surprise. Within five minutes the problem became clear: the application cannot reach the server and load all statics (images, video, Manifesto, etc.).

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It turned out that we came under attack natural locks Telegram. Six hours ago, everything worked. I take this opportunity to say Hello to the RCN.

We were saved by the fact that one of the phones we had a very old offline Assembly made in Unity3D before switching to native development. Even this version was outdated, but reliable and trouble-free. Well, we thought so.

We waited for the next surprise

Meanwhile, in one of the conference rooms of the second “Gazprom-media” met Dmitry Chernyshenko, Dmitry Yeremeyev, the top producers of our country Valery F., Anton Shchukin, Viacheslav Dosmukhametov, Eduard Iloyan and others. And we, two of the founder of the Interactive Platform.

Each of the participants about the upcoming meeting wrote the night before, and despite it’s 10:00 all was complete. From the awareness of this level of organization for the presentation of the Kazan startup of the unknown pulse is significantly increased.

We are connecting with the old offline build to your Apple TV and start your presentation after a short introduction and Dating. Three minutes had passed, we got another surprise — another crash.

The application refused to start and crashed before even reaching the loading screen.

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The floor was taken by my companion, while I frantically made the CPR. Error is reset only after a full reboot of the phone. In the end we ran into her a few more times in the process of demonstrating the functionality of the application was a little ashamed.

Then, when we dismantled the logs, it became clear that the error was associated with the video capture in iOS and stream via AirPlay. It seems that the error is not ours, but who are you going to explain it when a presentation is in full swing? We never at that time did not run our solutions via Apple TV.

How did you manage to defuse the situation

We have begun to demonstrate the current version of the platform, where the video transformirovalsya interactive. Open a test project in which for example uploaded a lot of videos, arranged in a nonlinear structure.

Each video is a small rectangle of the preview a picture of the first frame. One of the producers says aloud: “that’s Tits!”. Was it really them.

In the air for a split second, hung in the awkward silence. Well, that situation was defused with a couple of jokes about the paid content and alternative branches.

When I created a test project that we uploaded there first video and worked with them. Nobody cared, what kind of content was an important fact of the presence of the object in the desired format. Of course, then I never replaced a test video more or less normal.

What conclusions we made

Despite minor flaws, the negotiations were successful, and we have learned a number of lessons.

You need to be prepared for the fact that pitch will have to spend unexpectedly, and you should always have on hand that you can show the latest stable build, demo, presentation, screenshots, video.

It might not go according to your scenario: turn off the light, microphone, lost flash drive with all the data. You need to have a backup of all digital content and not to be lost in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Find out in advance about the place and the rules of presentation, equipment used and its features that everyone can test. All can spoil a little thing like corny forgotten supercruel adapter on your MacBook ports Type-C. Or you bring an HDMI cable and the projector is only VGA/DVI.

Collect special test demonstration projects with relevant content.

Don’t focus on mistakes. Let everyone think that it was meant to. But in General they are best avoided altogether.

How to prepare for negotiations

Do not skip training. Check carefully everything should work on the meeting equipment, presentation, any technical detail. Consider replacement options. You need to demonstrate a qualitative approach to the case and to be careful.

Be creative. The unusual approach of communicating ideas will help potential partners to remember your message and pay attention to your benefits. Use a creative approach: learn storytelling, use of metaphor and humor, make a striking presentation.

Learn interlocutors. The meeting will take place easier if you will know the biography and interests of the partners encountered. Find something in common and make that point in the conversation: people love when they are sincerely interested.

How to effectively negotiate

Don’t be afraid. Fear and nervousness complicate the negotiation process and reduce the chances of success. Remember that fear is only imagination of the future has not yet arrived. Business always carries risk, and courage is a necessary quality for an entrepreneur.

Be honest. Usually those who are trying to hide any flaws, defects of the project before the start of cooperation over time, problems arise. Consider any potential partner as a future member of your team — you have a common interest.

Take the initiative into their own hands. For example, you ask, do you plan to run the application in the framework of the project: do not limit yourself to simple “Yes”, tell us about the potential details of the run, what problems it will solve. Shouldn’t be awkward pauses, dangling the narrative, all the questions you need to answer, knowing your project and the market, demonstrating openness.

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