After the 30-degree frosts the city’s residents will finally be able to breath — in the next seven days the weather is not preparing them treacherous surprises. According to the Rosgidromettsentrom, the coldest will be Monday and Tuesday, but only compared to other days.

Monday, December 10 and Tuesday, 11 December, the daytime temperature will be -13°C. the Minimum elevations of the thermometers made in the night of Tuesday — about -19°C. is Expected to partly cloudy without precipitation.

In the following days, daytime temperatures will range from -7°C to -11°C at night in the area -13, -15°C. Wednesday will be -8°C Thursday -11°C, Friday -10°C Saturday 9°C, Sunday -7°C. From Wednesday through Sunday with light snow showers possible with a probability of 55-79%.

About the same weather scenario for a week provides the “Yandex. Weather”, adding that light snowfall could begin on the evening of 11 December. Foreign service (Apple iOS, Android) generally agree with our Russian colleagues, noting that the greatest chance for snow on Thursday (60%).

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