The snow cover is established in Novosibirsk, finally — in spite of the heat, which forecasters predict to the middle of the week. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, November 11, Taipei night -11, -13°C, in the suburbs to -16°C, day -10, -12°C. it is Expected, partly cloudy weather, places a light snow, on roads ice. The speed of the North wind 4-9 m/s.

But already on Tuesday will be followed by warming, according to the Rosgidromettsentrom. The temperature the night of 12 November will be -13°C, in the afternoon -4°C. snowfalls Will be. Wednesday will be even warmer — in the night -6°C, day 0°C. no precipitation Likely in the form of wet snow.

After that winter finally will shake and will take the case. Thursday, November 14, the day colder to -8°C, and on Friday and Saturday to -16°C. Night temperatures reached -19, -22°C. In this case, the output again will snow.

With a tendency on warming to the environment and cold by the weekend, I agree and “Yandex. The weather” forecast which if they differ only by a few degrees. Daytime temperatures are predicted for Novosibirsk: Monday -10, -13°C Tuesday -5, -9°, medium -2, -5°C, Thursday -10, -16°C, Friday -19, -20°, Saturday -17, -21°C, Sunday, -14, -18°C. Also, the service heralds a daily snowfall — mostly small, but on Tuesday and Wednesday — quite full.

Foreign (Apple iOS, Android) predicts similar temperature conditions. As for precipitation, the probability of a Western website summarizes: 10% Monday 90% Tuesday, 50% Wednesday and 40% Thursday, 10% Friday and 20% Saturday and Sunday.

See also: “the weather in November 2019 in Novosibirsk — 30-degree frosts”.

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