Just the day to remain warm weather in the Novosibirsk region already on Tuesday will go to the region a new portion of cold, according to forecasters. Only towards the end of the week frosts will weaken. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, November 18, the day warms up to -1 to -3°C. Cloudy with occasional moderate snow, wet snow, a weak Blizzard. On the roads in some places sleet. Wind of 7-12 m/s.

On Tuesday, November 19, I will start to get colder, reports Rosgidromettsentrom. At night the temperature will reach -16, day -11°C and possible light intermittent snowfall. Wednesday, November 20, the trend will continue cold: at night the temperature will drop to -29°C in the afternoon will only rise to -20°C. a Possibility of snow will remain.

Thursday, November 21, the night temperature will be -26°C, day -21°C. light snow. On Friday, November 22, the night -22°C, day -17°C with snow. On Saturday, November 23, at night 20°C day -16°C, without precipitation. Sunday, November 24, day -22°C day-14°C, light snow.

“Yandex. Weather” forecasts light snow showers throughout the week. According to the service, daytime temperatures will be: Monday -3, -6°C on Tuesday, -17, -23°C, on Wednesday, -21, -24°C on Thursday, -22, -25°C Friday-18°C Saturday -13, -14°C, Sunday -12°C.

Western service Weather.com (Apple iOS, Android) I agree that after a warm Monday will be followed by a cold, peaking on Wednesday-Thursday, then cold for the weekend will be weakened. However, the information of the site at odds about rain: Monday’s expected snowfall, Tuesday-Thursday — cloudy, mostly without precipitation, on Friday and Sunday, the snow on the morning of Saturday snow in the evening.

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