Lingering autumn can not leave Novosibirsk for the next week is expected warming and precipitation. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Monday, October 28, the temperature rises in the afternoon to +7, +9°C. Overcast, rain, wind speed of 12-17 gusts up to 22 meters per second.

Similar weather will continue on Tuesday, October 29, reports the Rosgidromettsentrom. At night thermometers will show +7°C, and at +10°C. Again, shed a little rain. Wednesday will be slightly colder to +1°C, but then temperatures are gonna go up on Thursday to +4°With, on Friday to 8°C. And to weekends is expected, light cold — about +1°C on Saturday and -2°C on Sunday.

Other weather services are predicting greater warming. “Yandex. Weather” forecasts for Tuesday +10°C, environment +3°C Thursday +4°C Friday +11°C Saturday +1°C and Sunday +3°C. light rain in the Monday and Tuesday will change to snow Wednesday, rain will stop on Thursday, on Friday to resume with new vigor from rain to snow.

Western service (Apple iOS, Android) portends the same temperature, but in terms of rainfall, foreign forecasters are at odds with Russian colleagues. According to them, on Monday in Novosibirsk will pass small rains, and on Tuesday — heavy. After this rain will stop, the probability of their loss will amount to 0-20%.

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