Friday’s heat will give way to Saturday and Sunday to cold, and after +13°C Friday minus of -1, -5°C at the weekend will be felt particularly acutely. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Saturday, November 2nd, the temperature will be +1, -1°C, with a tendency to decrease during the day. In the afternoon mainly without any precipitations, however, the complications will bring the wind, the speed of which will reach 7-12, in gusts up to 18 meters per second.

Sunday, November 3, the night turned cold to -4, -6°C, in the afternoon air will get warm only to 0 -2°C. the weather is Expected cloudy, without precipitation, the wind will blow 3-8 m / sec.

Monday, November 4, is a day off in honor of national unity Day. According to the Rosgidromettsentrom, the weather will not change significantly: -4°C at night and -1°C during the day, however, sometimes possible precipitation in the form of rain and wet snow.

“Yandex. Weather” he believes that on Saturday thermometers will show -1 and 0°C during the day and -2, -3°C in the evening on Sunday around -3, -4°C during the day and -4, -5°C in the evening on Monday, about -1, -2°C during the day, -3, -5°C at night. At the same time to feel the temperature as -5, -8°C, warns the service. Saturday and Sunday will be mainly without any precipitations, and on Monday light snow showers likely.

Western service (Apple iOS, Android) believes that the temperature in Novosibirsk over the weekend will be to stay in the region of 0 to -1°C during the day and -6, -7°C at night. The probability of precipitation at the site is assessed as zero for Saturday and Sunday and 10% for Monday.

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