To warm up after -28° C on Friday, January 11, will gradually, from the data “Zapadno-Sibirskoe UGMS”. On Saturday, January 12, at night will be -21, -23° C, in the suburbs of Novosibirsk to -27 C°. In the afternoon the air warms up to -17, -19° C. Possible light snow, wind speed will be 4—

9 meters

per second.

Sunday, January 13, tonight will be colder -21, -23° C, in the afternoon thermometers will show -14, -16 C°. Night light snow, light rain in the afternoon. The wind will blow with a speed 3—

8 meters

per second.

Slightly warmer conditions predicted Rosgidromettsentrom: up to -16° C in the afternoon on Saturday and -12° C in the afternoon on Sunday. Probability of precipitation on Saturday is estimated at 82%, Sunday is 0%.

“Yandex. Weather” predicts -17, -18 C° in the afternoon on Saturday and -15, -18 C° on Sunday with a gradual warming the evening up With -14°. The service says that a small snowfall can be only 12, but 13 Jan. Forecast foreign service (Apple iOS, Android) coincides with the predictions of the “Zapadno-Sibirskoe UGMS”.

The following week, according to the preliminary forecast promises to be warm, with daytime temperatures of -5, -10°.

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