Holiday, Victory Day, the city’s residents will be met in the cool. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, on Thursday, may 9, in Novosibirsk at night will be +10, +12°C, in the suburbs +7, +9°C, +16, +18°C, the Sky shrouded in clouds, but will do without rain. The wind will blow with a speed of 8-13 meters per second.

On Friday, may 10, the night gets colder to +2, +4°C, the temperature will be restored to +13, +15°C. Precipitation also will not, the wind will blow 3-8 m / sec.

On Saturday, may 11, at night the thermometer will show +3, +5°C, day +18, +20°C. the Lack of rain and the wind of 3-8 meters per second will continue.

However, the Rosgidromettsentrom predicts no precipitation at all the next night until Monday, as well as a small intermittent rain during the day on Friday.

According to service “Yandex. Weather”, may 9, in Novosibirsk will be +13, +16°C, and in the evening gets colder to +8°C. Precipitation is expected. Next Friday will be colder to +10, +13°C, Saturday will become warmer to +15, +17°C, while Sunday will again be colder to +12, +13°C. Mostly without rain.

Foreign service (Apple iOS, Android) gives a similar forecast. While Western forecasters believe that the probability of precipitation is near zero.

Earlier Novosibirsk weather forecasters gave weather forecasts in the spring and summer of 2019. Spring is expected without anomalies, and in the summer will be sunshine and rain.

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