The first half of the week in Novosibirsk will be moderately cool, and the second is more warm and Sunny. According to the Rosgidromettsentrom, on Tuesday, March 19, the temperature fell to -10°C, will rise to -2°C. Possible light intermittent snowfalls, the wind will be blowing from the West at a speed of 3 meters per second.

Wednesday, March 20, at night will be -9°C, around -1°C. Precipitation should cease, but the clouds will remain. The wind changes direction in the South and weaken to one meter per second.

Zero temperature will start appearing from Thursday, peaking on Friday and Saturday maximum values around +4°C. no precipitation is Expected with a small cloud.

“Yandex. Weather” gives you more cool forecast: on the morning of March 19, -6, -10°C, day -2, -5°C; 20 March in the morning -5, -9°C, day -1 and -4°C. on Thursday, March 21, may warming during the day to -2, +1°C, but in the morning it will be cold — around -7, -11°C. Friday, March 22, will delight warm to +3°C. the Same forecast is also published in foreign service (Apple iOS, Android), noting the probability of precipitation this week is estimated at only 10%.

On the website you can always see the weather at the moment, the district of Novosibirsk region. Just press the interactive button “weather Map” in the left column of the website in the menu “Sections”.

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