The chilly autumn weather comes in Novosibirsk. On Friday, October 25, disappeared last remnants of temporary snow cover, the temperature rose to +4°C wet snow fell. According to “West-Siberian ahem”, similar conditions will continue into the weekend.

Saturday, October 26, the night temperature will be -1, -3°C, day +1, +3°C, precipitation will continue in the form of wet snow. The wind will blow from the North-West at a speed of 8-13, in gusts up to 18 meters per second.

Sunday, October 27, it will be even warmer — at night, -2, -4 and day +6, +8°C. Night will fall, sleet in the day would shed rain. The wind speed will be similar to Saturday.

This time forecasters are unanimous in their forecasts of the same weather scenario sounded Rosgidromettsentrom, “Yandex. Weather” and (Apple iOS, Android). This weather will extend into next week: at the beginning, daytime temperatures will reach +8, +9°C, the end will decrease to -1, +4°C.

In connection with the prevailing conditions of emergency situations warns that the rain and sleet, freezing temperatures at night will contribute to the formation of ice. This could trigger a rise in the number of accidents, will be particularly challenging road conditions on long-distance routes.

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