The final edition of the program Вести.net with Pavel Kushelev this time entirely dedicated to the mobile world Congress or MWC is the exhibition of achievements of the mobile industry, held annually in Barcelona. The main hits were bendable smartphones, but in the hands of journalists were just one of them.

In this issue:

— Strategic confrontation between Samsung and Huawei has become the main theme of the exhibition MWC 2019. The Korean company introduced its new product in advance, but the Chinese this presentation was carefully analyzed and on its event in Barcelona, with figures in hands proved that their flexible smartphone — is better. What it feels like to hold a bendable smartphone for 2300 euros. Experience Huawei Mate X.

— Showed (not the stage) and the Samsung Galaxy Fold, carried to “the people”. But in the hands to hold not given to anyone. And after Huawei and Samsung its claim to a new market of flexible smartphones, said other manufacturers, such as Chinese TCL.

— Not forgotten, ended up in Barcelona and another smartphone trend in recent years multi-chambers. Global HMD, the Keeper of the Nokia brand, has introduced a camera with five rear lenses. But at the same time — some nice budget models.

Company Oppo decided to surprise at MWC with their fotoreceptori. For instance — embedded in the mobile system 10-fold optical zoom. However, commercial phone with this technology is not yet introduced.

— Japanese Sony has brought to MWC four satellites, three of which received an unusual, ultra-wide displays with aspect ratio of 21:9. Hollywood blockbusters such screens are displayed pixel-for-pixel, no black bars top and bottom.

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