Apple released the fourth beta of macOS Mojave with updated MacBook Pro 2018.

To install this new firmware can all registered developers and users, installed on your computer the appropriate profile. About how to do this, the editors Macdigger wrote earlier.

The main change in the fourth test version of the system was to support the new Apple computers, which was presented on 12 July 2018. While no other significant changes were found. Probably, as usual, the engineers of the Corporation decided to focus on eliminating errors and improving system performance.

macOS Mojave is a pretty major upgrade of the system. Apple has finally added dark mode UI display that reduces eye strain, added new options to sort the file completely revamped the Mac app store App Store and also announced support for iOS apps on the computers in 2019.

The first beta version was introduced right after WWDC on 5 July 2018.


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