What Apple will show at a presentation in oktyabrenok it, October: this month Apple could hold another hot presentation. In the past, the company has already launched the sale of iPhone XS (Max), and Apple Watch Series 4. Is that all? No!

Apple did not start delivery of the iPhone XR, has not provided the masses updated iPad Pro with a frameless design and completely forgot about Mac…

We shall see in October? The probability is high!

Will there be a presentation in October? We think Yes!

In 2016, Apple held two fall events: besides the presentation of the iPhone 7 (Plus) on September 7, the company also showed new MacBook Pro on October 27.

This year, history could repeat itself. Apple has assembled journalists in the name of Steve jobs on September 12 and could do it again this month: rumors about the iPad Pro in frameless format very much, but we did not see.

And the company just wants to remind the public about the iPhone XR in black, white, blue, red, yellow, and coral colors.

Most likely, another Apple event will be tied to pre-orders and early sales of the iPhone XR — will be held between 19 and 26 October or a little earlier.

Two years ago, Apple has announced the presentation of 19 October and had her in 8 days. We think that more accurate information and in 2018 will appear at least a week before the event.

First and foremost, Apple will launch it in the iPhone XR
This one new iPhone a acquire instead of a flagship

iPhone XR — the second after the iPhone 5c is Apple’s attempt to create a branch from the main line of smartphones. The first was not very successful because of the plastic housing and obsolete technical equipment. This year, everything changed.

Yes, the colorful iPhone loses flagship solutions in the characteristics: it has a single main camera is double and more than just the screen. However, it boasts a practical matte aluminium case and a variety of colors.

Today iPhone XR personally, I really like the iPhone XS, but it’s the theme of (spoiler) for individual reasoning.

Apple will officially start sales of iPhone XR after the flagships due to problems in production. It is believed that it is marketing, but it’s not so important.

If the company will stimulate the interest of users who have not yet switched to the iPhone XS, a new line in a variety of colors, the sales will only benefit. Moreover, the presentation in the first place intended not for him…

Then the company will show all the same frameless iPad Pro
No, cut the screen under the True Depth should not be!

In addition to reminders iPhone XR we are looking forward to a few iPad Pro in a new design: 11— and 12.9-inch model. Even the mention of them is in a test iOS 12.1.

The more old tablets these will be allocated a minimum framework around the screen, reduced dimensions, and a sensor Face ID and the lack of a Home button.

If we got edge-to-edge, Apple Watch Series 4, can not be a doubt that lie ahead and tablets with this “minor” feature.

We hope that the cutout for True Depth in the new iPad Pro still will not, but pumped A12x Bionic, which will make the tablets the most powerful mobile devices on the market, they sure can’t hurt.

An interesting move by Apple may be switching to USB-C on the iPad Pro. Maybe this is how the company will try to test this plug in mobile devices for later use in the iPhone.

Snack Apple can even leave updated Mac
Apple introduced the updated MacBook Pro in July of this year. The company did not carry out a separate event, and it is not surprising that the laptops received only evolutionary development, no revolutions.

But there are a few Mac that are worthy to seem at the presentation in the company of journalists.

MacBook Air. This device should be lightweight in terms of technical characteristics version of the current MacBook and MacBook Pro. At a price of up to $1000 it’ll shoot.

Mac mini. The cheapest Apple computer had not been updated since 2014. If we still see, then we run after him in any of the stores.

iMac. This year the Apple desktop was just 20 years old. Of course, we are waiting for a massive upgrade of these computers in October, but we still doubt that we’ll see something like this until 2019.

The presentation can also discuss the updates of the software

Apple has several important new features that were previously submitted but still did not start. The October presentation will be a great place and time to do this.

Group FaceTime calls. They will be able to participate up to 32 users.

Release opportunities were planned for iOS 12, but for technical reasons it was postponed until iOS 12.1, which would have been logical to sort through the presentation.

Electrocardiogram. It will appear in the new Apple Watch Series 4 with the release of watchOS 5.1. It is a pity that the ECG will be relevant only in the United States.

Live control depth of field. Now for the new iPhone it can be operated only after the fact, with the release of the final iOS 12.1 it goes Live.

But AirPower and other things we will show is unlikely:— (
AirPower, which was not destined to see the light?!

We don’t even hope to see AirPower in October of this year. Apple has a serious problem with manufacturing devices for simultaneous wireless charging of three devices on standard Qi. Therefore, the company even removed it from the office. site.

We also believe that continuing theme AirPods in the near future will not. That’s why I stopped to wait for the second version and still bought the first.

Moreover, they are unlikely to learn to understand the command “Hey Siri!”, and this is enough.

Lightweight version of the HomePod to wait and not worth it. Even a full-size column is available not in all, and the company in priority to its distribution.

Well, the pieces for the presentation this month is more than enough. That is why we are waiting for her.

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