Remember the Google Glass — “smart” glasses that were supposed to conquer the market in 2012? Since then, as a promising project failed miserably, others did not take special effort to do something similar. Instead, the idea of developing designers — Italian Kikomo Dodd proposed his vision of a “smart” points from Apple. Though only in concept form on your website.

Apple Glasses consist of removable arcs and the steel body, which houses all the electronics: chipset, LTE modem, GPS and Bluetooth modules. It also has built-in camera and microphone. It is assumed that the frame can be customized by changing the arc.

Like Google Glass, glasses got transparent screens, projected on the lenses navigation, notifications, news and weather information. The accessory also supports augmented reality technology — that they Apple is planning to bet in the near future.

Although Apple Glasses can serve as a demonstration of the capabilities of the company in the region AR, it is unlikely we will see such a device soon. However, the theme itself offers a large field for the imagination, and some of them find physical embodiment — for example, the helmet augmented reality HoloLens, Microsoft.

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