What distinguishes the box of the new iPhone from vosstanovleniia days from trusted shop I tried to slip the refurbished iPhone 8. Ordered a new smartphone as a gift for the birthday of her close friend and a few days later I saw the “coveted” white box Refurbished devices in the hands of the seller.

Tried to explain that this is not quite what I ordered. In response I was told that the device last year, so he changed the box.

Did not prove their case: they refused to purchase and decided to remind you what boxes should be in every current iPhone.

Let’s start with the classics: iPhone 5s
Remember him?

The new iPhone 5s. The device comes in a white cardboard box on the side which indicates the model name with a treasured letter s in a square with rounded corners.

On the front side of the box shows the desired color smartphone with an active home screen. On the back should be level with the model, serial number and storage capacity of the device.

Refurbished iPhone 5s. In this photo from the new box (on the right) and recovered (left) devices are compared visually.

On the front side of the box Refurbished device, no image of the smartphone. Instead, here is just its name.

I mean, here’s a classic: iPhone SE
At whom was such?

iPhone SE nearly the same as iPhone 5s in appearance, and the same applies to his box. However, on the face of the smartphone is depicted not with the active home screen and my Wallpaper in the color of the body.

Moreover, the iPhone 5s was sold only in dark gray (space gray), silver and gold color, and iPhone SE — also in pink.

On the side face indicates the model with the abbreviation SE in a square with rounded corners

iPhone 6 (Plus): remember this?

Nostalgia. It was the smartphone!)

The new iPhone 6 (Plus). In 2014, Apple changed the concept of boxes for their smartphones. Instead of the color image on its obverse part of the device in the cardboard just squeezed out.

On the side indicated that it was the iPhone — a clear definition of the model no, but it is marked on the back side.

Updated iPhone 6 (Plus) 2017. Experiment with the embossing is not successful, so after a couple of years, Apple has re-released the device for emerging markets in a more familiar box with a color picture of the iPhone.

On its side edge accurately specified smartphone model.

By the way, interestingly, in the same box were delivered to all of the iPhone 6, starting in 2015.

Refurbished iPhone 6 (Plus). Box with the restored device traditionally looks the most ascetic.

On the front side there is a smartphone, and no color images, no additional information is provided in the rear side of the box.

Reliable and durable iPhone 6s (Plus)

New iPhone 6s (Plus). Box with the first version of the iPhone 6 was too faceless, so in 2014, Apple returned to the old concept with a vivid image of a smartphone and a clear definition of its model on the side.

Restored iPhone 6s (Plus). On the box is officially restored smartphones this model traditionally, there are no bright elements. On its cover is the name of the model.

Many people still go with it: the iPhone 7 (Plus)

How to take: regular or “plus”? Remember the meal of choice?

New iPhone 7 (Plus). In 2016, Apple decided to bet on the front and on the rear panel of the smartphone, and it is depicted on the front side of the box.

Matte black, silver, gold and pink iPhone 7 come in white boxes with a treasured photo and without a clear indication of the model on the side.

New iPhone 7 (Plus) Jet Black. Like the iPhone 2g and iPhone 5, glossy black device is located in a black box.

Restored the iPhone 7 (Plus). Refurbished device traditionally comes in a white box with no image.

Its front side contains the model of the phone, and all the other marks are on the back.

Who is ashamed of his screen on the box? — iPhone 8 (Plus)

New iPhone 8 (Plus). In 2017 the competitors already promoted frameless smartphones, and iPhone 8 on their background looked greetings from the past.

Therefore, Apple continued to show only his back side on the front side of the box.

A clear definition of the model to the side also return did not.

New iPhone 8 (Plus) Space Gray. Space grey in case this model comes in a dark box.

Refurbished iPhone 8 (Plus). On Apple’s official website officially restored the iPhone 8 Plus at the time of writing was not.

But the normal 8s being sold in the already familiar white boxes.

Who is proud of his screen on the box? — iPhone X
As the main chip of iPhone X were edge-to-edge screen, it is depicted on the front side of the device.

Cherished Roman numeral X on the side, there is no reason, but all additional information can be found on the reverse side.

iPhone XR
Despite the large screen frame, Apple did not place on the front side of the box is a photo of the back of the iPhone XR. Understand why — behind his expensive smartphone just one main camera, and a lot of it confuses.

Photo of the smartphone in this case should match the color of the device: blue, yellow, coral, black, white or red.

On the side of the box does not clearly indicate the model.

The newest, the coolest: iPhone Xs (Max)

IPhone box Xs is not fundamentally different from the box iPhone XR. On the front side you’ll see a photo of the device inside, the side no X, no s.

To summarize: what is the difference between the box of the new iPhone restored from

1. All officially restored the iPhone completely white box with no images.

2. On the front side of the boxes officially recovered iPhone specified model name of the smartphone.

3. New iPhone never sold in boxes from officially restored — even years later.

4. On the back of boxes restored iPhone next to the bar code is marked RFB.

5. Sometimes the new iPhone is not sold in white boxes, and black and only black and dark grey models shown in the material.

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