To start the new academic year only a few days. At least in the Ulyanovsk region and the extended summer holiday of 1 day, bringing a school ruler on September 2, but at the time, parents to collect the child in school, is nothing.

Probably the selected form, contains books, notebooks and other stationery, but in our time should think about buying a smartphone for a child or other gadgets that will surely help student in their studies. Here are just some of them. And, as they say, the choice for parents. Together with the experts of MTS we will try to figure out what to stop a choice.

Mom, don’t worry: I have a smart watch

While the child is out with friends in the backyard, parents often worried about him unnecessarily in case an abrasion or bruise on the hill, clothing stain… But there are more serious accidents and to be sure that the baby is still in a safe place, is much more important. Help simple wrist watch with GPS tracker and panic button call. Seemingly ordinary watch is ready one touch to call you in case of danger. To track location of hours you can with your smartphone.

My first gadget is a smartphone

This before children in the early grades are just beginning to learn the alphabet and the basics of mathematics. Today, many first-graders have already wielded great with smartphones of their parents, earning their right to become adults and to receive a gift of your personal gadget. If you do not have a backup smartphone that you previously used, we recommend purchasing a small and practical device of the initial price range. Smartphones to 3,000 rubles can quickly fail in the hands of children, but the Samsung Galaxy J2 jinopo 7A will better stand the test of little children.

Revived book — the tablet

To buy a tablet to children under the age of ten years worth of reading fairy tales, watching cartoons with their parents and — where do without them. Under such problems you can safely choose the base model of the tablet practically any manufacturer, focusing directly on price and durable housing. The small screen size of about seven inches is optimal for primary school pupils, plus on this tablet the child will be less distracted by playing games, shooters and racing their power slightly insufficient. As an example of a practical and affordable tablet for first graders great fit initial model Huawei MediaPad T3.

“It’s my computer!” And again the tablet

With the transition to middle school children have much more reason to complete the paper books and textbooks online. Countless digital copies of literary classics, magazines, encyclopedias, and interactive travel guides — all this is much easier to view on a large screen tablet.

In combination with impressive collections of documentary and educational programs on the same YouTube child will be able to actively absorb useful information. In addition, the tablet is much easier to restrict from unwanted information on the Internet, you can not say about the laptop. The choice of a specific model should come with the position of your financial capacity and the right of the diagonal. If the child will often carry it around with you, it is better to choose a device with 8” screen, like the Huawei MediaPad T3 8″ with a capacious battery and a small weight of 350 grams. For home use it is better to look at tablets with a screen about 10”, for example, A Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2019″.

And if reading and passion for creative leisure was for the child something more than just a hobby, a priority can easily up buying a tablet in the next few years. A good choice would be the iPad 2018. This is the most affordable model in the line of the American company. It features a powerful processor that allows you to launch any application, high quality display and support for stylus for drawing or handwriting.

The style and the trends — mobile claims

High school students are a different story. In the transition to adulthood of adolescents, it is important to comply with fashion trends. Of course, your child has learned by heart cool smartphones, but surely the main criteria for such hotelok — powerful gaming processor, large edge-to-edge screen and a good camera. For such parameters are suitable and relatively inexpensive smartphones from among the novelties of this season: the Huawei Smart P Z or Samsung Galaxy A50. On these gadgets possible and a high quality video to watch, and in the “heavy” toys to play with. In my free from school and homework a minute or two, of course.

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