The real method, which is able to help.

All providers are regularly launching new tariffs, together with the translating of the old cheaper tariff plans in the archive. Often, MTS, MegaFon, Beeline and Tele2 subscribers transferred from the old best rates for new, more expensive force. In a “perfect” time, the rate just changed, forcing the caller to start paying more. What to do in such cases?

A common practice

Unfortunately for the Russian operators such transfers subscribers to more expensive tariffs is the most common practice. Operators are all legal and totally legitimate. They announced the launch of a new “more favorable” rate at which subscribers are provided with more services.

Most of these rates are slightly different from the old cheaper tariff plans, which are transferred to the archive. However, the changes on paper and in the conditions there, which means operators can easily declare that they offer customers an enhanced service package at a slightly higher price. Such phrases constantly seen in the official statements of the operators and their supervisors.

As such the subscribers ‘ legal appeals to the FAS or other bodies are not helping. But what to do if you want to keep your old, familiar and, most importantly — a cheaper rate? There’s only one way that could actually work. Just note that it does not work in 100% of cases, but positive reviews about it.

What if the operator forcibly moves you to a more expensive tariff

To return to the old tariff is only one way. You just need to contact the support service of the operator and that is understandable in your situation, to Express their dissatisfaction with the transfer to the new tariff. At this stage support staff can help, however, occurs only occasionally.

A much more effective method is a direct expression of dissatisfaction with the “threat” to go to another operator preserving number. Make a scene, of course, not worth it. You need to explain to the employee the support that the new terms of service you are not satisfied and if the situation does not change, you will be forced to look for a suitable offer from other operators.

As practice shows, backed up by numerous reviews from subscribers of different operators in the social networks, the operator can either keep the old rate for you, or to provide an impressive discount on the new tariff. Most often support is the last option for fear that you really will move to another operator.

If a call to support did not help, in this case, to show the seriousness of your intentions. Apply to transfer your number to another operator. Within a few days, your current operator will call you again will offer a discount rate for you to stay. We have previously talked about this method, allowing you to start paying less for cell phones.


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