Despite the high level ease of use Face ID, a proprietary facial recognition technology from Apple has a number of objective disadvantages. Fortunately, if you believe the rumors, they will all be fixed already with the release of the final iOS build 12, which will be released before the end of this month.

According to industry sources, the Face ID in iOS 12 will have at least three important differences from the interface of the current version of the OS. Thanks to them, the process of unlocking smartphone by face will be finally pushing out of memory user experience of operating Touch ID.

Rapid activation of

A lower response speed Face ID compared to Touch ID was one of the reasons that prevented the scanner person to be called the most perfect method of identification. With the updated responsible for the operation of the system TrueDepth, recognition will happen sooner than later.

Support for multiple individuals

Another innovation, which users switched to iPhone X, Apple asked. Unlike Touch ID, Face ID are not allowed to bring phone’s memory more than one face, preventing comfortable use of a smartphone from the same family. Buyers iPhone XS this option will be available out of the box.

Wide viewing angle

It is not known whether this feature is a feature of the iPhone XS or implement it programmatically on the iPhone the original X, but, anyway, this is an extremely useful innovation. Thanks to the wide viewing angle to unlock the smartphone will be possible, without raising it to the level of individuals, for example, when he is on the table.


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