In the field of electronic mobile devices every year there are novelties. Model that a couple of years ago was considered a flagship, it may be outdated. Many people change their gadgets every 2-3 years. Even those who may use the outdated model, with the breakdown of smartphone, tablet, laptop will go to the store for a new one. Life without electronics is impossible for modern society. Virtual trade gadgets seems a promising line of business, since the demand for them will always be. Consider the main trends of e-Commerce gadgets, forecast market development and advice to the beginners from the experts.

Artist: Yuri Artovsky

Trends of market development

At the beginning of 2019 in the market of e-Commerce gadgets, there is a slight increase compared to the first quarter of 2018. According to a study conducted by analysts of the company “Euroset”, the growth of sales of electronics accounted for 3%, accessories — 7%. The average check increased by 17%. The most rapid sales growth of smartphones and action cameras. Sales of cameras, navigators, e-books showed a negative trend.


Sales of smartphones and mobile phones grew by 15% compared to last year. According to “Euroset”, users choose a more expensive smartphone models. Purchase sales and credit also rose. The average price of a smartphone sold was 15 300 rubles. In the segment models with price below 10 000 there is a decline in sales. The most popular brands:




Despite the popularity of iPhones, the leader is Samsung. Almost every third smartphone sold belongs to this brand. The share of Samsung in the market — 27% and Apple 18%. 24% increased sales of phones with larger screen size (phablet). Among them also the popular models of Samsung. Increased sales of Chinese brands. In total, they accounted for 37% of the market.


The number of sold tablets has shrunk by 5% in the first quarter of 2019. But due to the growth of the average price of a phone up to 10 000 profit in this segment increased by 8%. Most popular tablets:

Huawei — 22%;

Lenovo — 15%;

Samsung — 14%.

The best dynamics showed sales of tablets with the capability to support 4G. Reduced the proportion of sales of devices with the function of 3G or only Wi-Fi enabled.


The e-Commerce market laptops in 2019 showed a positive trend. Total profit increased by 26% and the number of units sold by 15%. The average laptop price was 33 900 rubles. Increased sales of compact models (laptops) and ultra-thin laptops.

The forecast is for the market of gadgets

In 2015, e-Commerce market gadgets was observed negative dynamics caused by the consumer crisis. According to analysts GFK, volume sales declined by 15%. Now the Russian market is gradually recovering. The expected growth for 2019, according to forecasts of experts of 7.9%.

Popular and expected products

According to yuan Yang, Director of the office Huawei in Russia, the behavior of buyers has changed. Now users want a powerful smartphone with good quality image and sound, large memory, able to hold a charge. And people are willing to pay for it. This does not mean that the flagship will use the greatest demand. Ivan Bulaev, Director General of the online store BQ-Mobile, notes that many buyers choose the gadgets at the optimal ratio “price-quality”. It is on the device of an average price category bet many manufacturers. Center of studies and examinations of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation identifies the following trends in the market of e-Commerce gadgets:

The growing popularity of models with a wide screen and high resolution for viewing and recording video, photograph, mobile games.

The growth capacity of the batteries. Widespread technology rapid or wireless charging.

The increase in the number of models bioskinergy determining the owner’s fingerprint. In the future, perhaps the emergence of iris scanners.

Other security measures, security of personal information. The development of anti-virus, encryption algorithms, systems protection in case of theft or loss.

Improving the strength and water resistance of the products. A drop or getting wet will cease to be the treatment in service.

The growing popularity of gadgets with front facing cameras for selfies. Improving the quality of the built-in camera and flash mechanism.

Improving touch-screen. Future models will allow you to easily use the screen with gloves, with frozen or wet hands.

Experts from Microsoft and OSC do not see a reason for another revolution in the mobile market. According to analysts, the gadgets will develop linearly through the improvement of existing elements and characteristics. Prices on released a model with a high probability will grow because of the peg to the dollar, inflation in Russia.

Customer behavior

Assessment of development of Russian market of e-Commerce gadgets gives Eugene Dobrynin, the representative of JSC “Novick”. According to experts, the main factor for making a purchasing decision are the comments of other users, including video reviews. The price has ceased to be the main factor in the decision. First came the reviews and recommendations. For 15 years Russia reduced the number of spontaneous purchases of gadgets. Purchase become expensive and well considered. In first place on popularity — a combination of sale, when ordering is done online and redemption in the store or collection point, after inspection and testing.

Despite the popularity of e-money, mobile devices made in Russia to pay in cash. According to statistics, only 30% of customers pay by credit card or electronic services. The remaining 70% make purchases for cash.

Advice to entrepreneurs

Eugene Dobrynin, commercial Director of JSC “Novik”, the distributor of gadgets, giving advice to the beginners:

Smartphones the most popular product in the market of gadgets in 2019. Make it the focus, will offer customers a large selection of smartphones from different brands. Try as much as possible to add to the range of new items after the release.

Offering buyers on-trend accessories. Stylish covers, bags, coasters will help to increase the average check. Add a panel “buy with this item” to boost sales of accessories.

Add a script to publish and read product reviews. Filling section you can promise customers a bonus for writing a good review. For example, a discount on your next purchase.

E-Commerce gadgets — a perspective direction of business. The industry has developed a lot of competition between online stores. To attract customers and beat the competition will help thought-out strategy of Internet marketing. To promote store use contextual advertising, social networks. Add your service to the aggregators, trading platforms, where potential customers choose the gadgets performance.

Author: Venus shaydullina — Director of the Center for studies and examinations of the Department of legal regulation of economic activities, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

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