As reported by Japanese resource Mac Otakara, the “affordable” iPhone model will get a innovative LCD screen Full Active with the thickness of about 0.5 mm. By this measure, he even bypass the current flagship iPhone X, where the frame thickness is 1 mm around the perimeter.

Design LCD screen, which will have a minimal framework that is technologically very difficult because of the peculiarities of light. Also, the LCD screen can not “bend” the inside of the case, like the OLED-matrix in the iPhone X.

Anyway, one of the manufacturers of the screens are still unable to find a solution. According to the publication, Refine LCD-matrix will put the company Japan Display. The new sensor is called “Pixel Eyes Japan”. Full production of screens expected to start in July this year, but the manufacturer was faced with a large percentage of defects, from-for what deliveries of the new screens can linger indefinitely. Rather, it is this factor and due to the postponement of the release of the “budget” iPhone in October or November.

Recall that, according to rumors, the prices for their iPhone line by 2018 will be the following: iPhone X 2018 – 800-900 dollars, iPhone X Plus — about 900-1000 dollars, a “budget” model with LCD screen will get a price tag of $ 600-700, and that will make her most popular in the lineup.


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