Apple computers – the most intuitive, productive, reliable and moderately expensive in the market of computers.

The MacBook must be treated seriously, in terms of the tasks you intend to perform.

With the technical specifications and comparison of the models can be found on the Apple website.

This article describes how to handle if for the first time decided to buy a MacBook.

There are three basic rules that are relevant to many people, which will help to determine the feasibility of purchasing this laptop:

  • Willingness to pay a lot for apps and games.
  • Forget about other OS and BootCamp (Want to install Windows on the MacBook better buy the laptop from another company with the desired operating system; cheaper).
  • A complete rejection of the novelties of the gaming industry. Especially with the fancy 3D graphics in 4K resolution at 60FPS (For games, there are console or gaming system units).
  • Currently Apple sells the following models: MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.


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