What they say about the new MacBook Air, those who had him in rukihime a couple of months ago it seemed that Apple will soon bury this line of laptops like the MacBook Air. A nostalgic extravaganza presentation where Steve jobs pulled from the envelope a thin laptop. The room literally roared with delight.

And while the market was shaken by Retina displays, new form factors like laptops MacBook 12″, changed the design of MacBook Pro users used to the new iMac Pro, MacBook Air remained comes from the past.

Finally, Apple released a “white crow” into the wild, and announced a completely revamped MacBook Air.

After the presentation journalists from leading foreign media could see it, and today in the morning to write first impressions of the new “air” of your computer.

1. The Verge

MacBook Air appeared many new. Here and Retina display with high resolution, and USB-C, and even Touch ID. In fact, the Air now followed the fate of the MacBook Pro two years ago, after moving to a new building and becoming leaner.

13.3— inch display, the new MacBook Air is just great. It has no True Tone, but it is full with the same Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro resolution.

Slim framework allows ultrabook to be even more compact. Frame covered with gloss, which can be annoying to many, but those are the laptops of our time. There’s nothing you can do about it. I will say this, the feel of the MacBook Air display is the same as on the MacBook Pro.

The base model MacBook Air costs $1199. I think it is somewhat overpriced, but you can understand it only after a detailed review of the model.

The third generation of the keyboard type “butterfly” itself implies that she has a very low key travel, quiet operation and, hopefully, have dust. At least it should be better than the first MacBook Pro after the redesign in 2016.

The build quality cannot be prikopat. Everything is perfect. Now the body is made of aluminum, which is derived from recycled materials. Commendable. The cover of the new MacBook Air with a single finger, and the first thing that catches your eye — a huge trackpad with support for Touch Force.

I’m glad the appearance of the USB ports-C, but upset that MagSafe celebrated the funeral. We should also mention the presence of the scanner Touch ID. And it is much more than those that are installed in MacBook Pro.

2. TechCrunch

Presented more than ten years ago, the MacBook Air became a bestseller. The sales of this model is always good to complement the quarterly financial reports of the company.

Time rapidly sped forward and Apple had to think about the redesign of ultrabook, whose appearance has remained virtually unchanged over the past eight years.

First, and most importantly, got a new MacBook Air is a Retina display. Resolution 13.3-inch screen is 2560 x 1600 pixels. It happened!

However, the fee for such an upgrade — an additional $200 to the cost of the base model MacBook Air.

Appearance of USB-C ports is a definite plus in the development of the MacBook Air, but personally I will miss the SD card reader. Thank you though left analog audivit.

To summarize, we can say that Apple releases a pleasant and long-awaited updates laptop which is loved by millions of users around the world. Glad that Apple continues to develop this model, not abandoned it in favor of 12-inch MacBook.

3. IndianExpress

MacBook Air has not received any major design changes. It still looks just as great as the last Air. Just from the standpoint of the past years and taking into account changes of design of other laptops in the company’s portfolio.

In the hands it seems that it is the premium computer. However, not abandon the idea that the holding increased 12-inch MacBook.

MacBook Air is a bit thinner, reducing the weight from 1.34 to 1.25 pounds. The frame around the long-awaited Retina display began about 50% already.

Display reports 48% more colors and shades and can boast of a quadrupled resolution. It is bright and clear. The same as in the current MacBook Pro.

The trackpad has increased in size by about 20%. And yet, the assurance of Apple’s new MacBook Air was the sound 25% louder than its predecessor. Yes, and new items should appear as though some palpable bass.

Despite rising to $200 price, the new MacBook Air remains a notebook of initial level (from the point of view of cost). Apple managed to convince me that the new MacBook Air is not a stripped-down version of the ultrabook, and a full notebook with compact dimensions.


I’ve been with the new MacBook Air just a few minutes. But it was enough for me to conclude that Apple introduced a laptop, which I’m sure many will buy it.

Size MacBook Air somewhere between the MacBook and MacBook Pro. But it is cheaper.

The MacBook Air has become more expensive by $200 than the base model of the previous generation. But it is more powerful and faster than the MacBook. An interesting point is that the 12-inch MacBook costs $1299, and the new MacBook is $1199. Where’s the catch?

Pleasant to the touch keyboard. However, I can confidently say that it is better than the one that was installed last generation MacBook Air.

Apart from prices another reason why I personally would choose a new MacBook Air is the presence of a second Thunderbolt port. With him life becomes much more comfortable.

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