The display is part of the mobile phone (smartphone), which helps to see all the programs, applications and other data and multimedia. The display is available in different sizes. A display controlled by the processor. Some mobile phones have an interface IP, which is called “Display IC” (between the display and processor).

Old phone had a small display without a touchscreen. Later they began to be supplied with touch screen and keyboard.

Modern Android-smartphone and Apple iPhone or have a separate display and touch screen, together with Loca Glue, or they represent a combined set in which the primary LCD and touch screen are unable to be separated by machine to separate LCD screen.

Meanwhile, you may need spare Parts for phones, electronics and digital technology. Equipment, tools, supplies, and other accessories. Moscow and regions of Russia.

Types of faults or problems if the mobile phone display is not working

Mobile phone display is not working (telephone not working) On the display nothing is displayed or the display is black / blank is only half of the display is broken or has a crack Sometimes the display works and sometimes it doesn’t work On the display there is only light and nothing more Touch screen not working the Phone is on, but the screen is black You threw your phone and the screen is black part of the screen of the mobile phone is not working

Tools are needed to replace the LCD screen

Replacement LCD display screen mobile phone, you need the following tools and equipment for repair mobile phone:

The liquid flux. Soldering iron. Wire for desoldering. The solder wire. A pair of tweezers. Precision screwdriver. The discoverer of the mobile phone.

If your Android smartphone is on, but the display is black, then most likely you will have to replace the display. Follow these steps:

Disassemble the mobile phone Get to mobile phone PCB Use solutions IPA. Clean the PCB and all the small details. This will remove any moisture and dirt. Apply Flux to the whole PCB and give heat using the blower from a distance. This will fix any dry solder. Now check whether the display or not. If it works, then good. If not, then bad luck for you. You have no choice but to replace the old display to the new one.

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