Lately, there has been a lot of rumors and leaks regarding the 4 series of the Apple Watch. We are sure that Apple will introduce a new generation of smart watches at the event in September.

With the approach of presentation in the Internet there is a discussion of what to expect from Series 4?

Before the launch of new products the company needs to get certified and get permission to sell in some countries. According to the documents of the Eurasian economic Commission, Apple filed for registration of the 6 models with the operating system watch OS 5.

Last year for the launch of the Apple Watch Series 3, the company described in the application 8 products. It follows that this time Apple will reject some models. Two options: the discontinuation of the ceramic Watch Edition, or the company will not sell the watch without the module LTE.

Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the displays in the new smart hours will be 15% more than the previous versions.

New MicroLED technology will allow to increase operation time from battery, if the rumors are true.

There is a possibility that instead of digital wheel and a mechanical button, touch pad comes with vibration feedback like in the previous generation iPhone.

Perhaps Series 4 will support a standard technology called Qi, not modified, as in previous versions. This will allow you to charge the watch with any wireless charger.

Apple might increase the memory from 8 GB to 16 GB in the normal versions. Bluetooth standard Bluetooth 4.2 will be replaced by 5, which is more energy efficient. Likely, Apple will increase the RAM in the new series of Watch.

If you want to purchase a smart watch from Apple, we suggest that you wait a bit, because after the announcement of the new models, the Series 3 can be purchased at a discount.


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