For those who don’t know what to give.

If you don’t know what to give on February 23, you still have time to think about it. And even time to order gifts from AliExpress. In this collection collected 10 gifts that are sure to give for the upcoming occasion.

1. Shipping from Russia! Wireless headphones

Price: 2588 rubles (discount 60%).

Quality wireless headphones from a reputable manufacturer Bluedio. Covering headphones are really loud, but clear sound with rich bass. Headphones especially prized by consumers for the build quality.

2. A set of mini-screwdrivers Xiaomi

Price: 1415 roubles.

Any men always have something to promote or repaired. In particular this applies to small items or gadgets to parse which often do not have the right screwdriver. This set of 24-bit Xiaomi will forget about this problem forever. Best mini-screwdriver that you can buy on AliExpress.

3. Shipping from Russia! Gaming headphone

Price: 825 rubles (discount 45%).

Cool gaming headphone with masculine design. Headphones very affordable, but only because it sold with a decent discount. They have a great sound and a quality microphone for comfortable virtual battles.

4. Portable trimmer

Price: 446 roubles (discount 45%).

A compact trimmer that can be used anywhere. The trimmer is very high quality, is operated easily and shaves well.

5. Case in the style of their favorite team

Price: 128 roubles (discount 36%).

If you do not know what original gift to give to a sports fan, then pay attention to covers in the style of his favorite team. These bags on AliExpress are available for all popular sports teams. The gift will allow the recipient to emphasize your individuality every day.

6. Bag

Price: 945 roubles (discount 48%).

Quality leather shoulder bag. Bag small but roomy — for documents and various daily trivia more than enough.

7. Wallet

Price: 419 rubles (discount 49%).

Stylish wallet is a classic gift on February 23. And rush of customers before the holiday really is, judging by the sales statistics of this model. Snapping up right now, in anticipation of the holiday.

8. Watch

Price: 1387 rubles (discount 32%).

Cool mens watch with a bold design. Now sold at a great discount, so rapidly gaining popularity.

9. Knife from CS:GO

Price: 529 rubles (6% discount).

Original gift for any fan of the computer game CS:GO. The knife will not only be unusual accessory, but will also help the economy because it’s not a toy, for a real knife.

10. Stylish lighter

Price: 524 ruble.

Unusual butane lighter with original design. Too can be a creative accessory to be used directly for the purpose.


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