Is it really round?The appearance of the Apple Watch has not changed since the presentation of the first model in 2015. During this time watches have grown in functional terms, has acquired a huge number of extra accessories and has proven the futility of precious metals in electronics. What’s next?

In this article we have collected all the most likely rumours about Apple Watch Series 4, which should be introduce in the autumn, the soul seasoning them with his opinion and want to debate with you about the fate of the personal device.

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Is the Apple Watch Series 4 will be round?!

Of course not! With what you have?

Jonathan Ive: “a Great list of important features, but the round shape of the display — no”

What would change in the design of new smart watches?

For starters, let’s see how bad design of the Apple Watch, which does not change for a few years to remake it. Someone they may not like it, but most will not mind if they remained in the same body for another couple of years.

And it won’t be anything bad, because most owners of previous generations have managed to acquire a huge number of accessories for smart watches for all occasions: straps, holsters, charging docks, cases for carrying.

Are almost exactly the same the Apple Watch on the 42 and 38 mm
I’m sure no one will be delighted if a collection of interchangeable straps will have to change to a new set because of trivial differences in the mounting. And Apple understand the wave of negativity that can create such a solution.

Moreover, any rumors about a complete redesign was not there. Some small differences can appear, but fundamentally to call them will not be even.

But the colors and materials may vary slightly:

Most likely, alyuminievye sports Apple Watch will receive the actual range of colors the iPhone 8 (Plus) with a new Golden hue

If in September we will see the iPhone XI (Plus) stainless steel housing gold color, can leave the same Apple Watch

The specific rumor was not, but Western publications write that Apple refuses ceramics in version Edition and replace it with some other interesting material

The major difference of the Apple Watch Series 4 — the frame around the screen that will decrease to match the iPhone fresh and updated iPad Pro, which is expected to Face ID.

In General, external changes are more cosmetic than fundamental, and it is good.

What will be the screen of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4
Its size will increase and it will become the main difference between 4 series of smart watches before Apple 3rd.

Insists including Ming-Chi Kuo, who has previously worked at KGI Securities, and then moved to TF International Securities. Analyst relations gained during the work in the next iPhone, and almost does not make mistakes.

Benjamin Gaskin I agree with my colleague in the shop, and Ryan Jones have even had time to illustrate the difference in size of the screens visually.

Here Watch developers, I added the screen dimensions in mm and pixels.

38mm Series 4 is 38% more screen area

42mm Series 4 is 35% more screen area

— Ryan Jones (@rjonesy) July 11, 2018

The area of the display model on a 42 mm will increase by 35%, 38 mm by 38%. These are huge numbers that will make the consumption any information from the screen of the gadget easier and more convenient. This innovation will sell the device on the market, and even the owners of the Series 3 want to go to 4th generation.

We also believe that the Apple Watch Series 4 the manufacturer it’s time to pay attention to technology Always On Display, which in its smartphones used by the company Samsung.

The point is that even on off screen shows basic information about time and date, the number of notifications and missed events. It would use your smart watch to a new level. They wouldn’t need to constantly activate it, just to see hours and minutes.

Through the use of OLED screen that would consume the minimum amount of battery life on top of what you already are. So we are all for the implementation of the chips.

Back in the spring of 2017, we wrote about the technology microLED, which will replace OLED. Like on it the Apple just for smart watches worked with LuxVue, which because of this development and acquired.

However, the most likely rumors about its introduction until now, almost none. Most likely, Apple is so busy setting up the production of OLED with LG that is not the time to be wasted.

What surprised specifications

Processor. 2-jaderny S3 Apple should replace the S4. But hardly watch earn faster Series 3. Additional capacity will be needed to service the larger screen and resolution.

Apple Watch is the most vivid example of a compromise between performance and battery life. On the one hand, the watch can do this indefinitely fast. But on the other hand, they should operate without recharging for at least a day and a better pair.

Permanent memory. In the Apple Watch Series 3 of its 8 GB, and we doubt that in Series 4 the vault will increase.

The wireless protocols. In the current generation of Bluetooth 4.2, but we hope for Bluetooth 5 in the new. It is more energy efficient and better at keeping communication at a distance.

Camera. They are unlikely to appear, even the semblance of True Depth is not worth waiting, because it makes no sense.

New sensors for the health. Nothing is known about them.

More. The Apple SIM will be, and we still have hope that someday virtual cards will start to support our operators.

Despite the fact that the iPhone 9 Apple may abandon the 3D Touch in the Apple Watch Series 4 the reaction to the touch screen obviously will continue. An additional tool to control the interface on that small screen really need, and this technology is playing its role.

Protection against water according to the IP68 standard will remain, no matter what. In these hours you can and want to swim, so this feature is definitely necessary.

Guys, these Apple Watch will be available from Android?

No. How many strange questions?

Well, then what’s iPhone for them?

As the Apple Watch Series 4 will come with 5 preloaded watchOS, you will need device on iOS 12 iPhone 5s and above.

How to change the package for the Apple Watch

Of course, most of us would like to have wireless charging and Air Power, or at least stand Magnetic Charging Dock included with the Apple Watch Series 4, even in their sports. However, we strongly doubt that the company will be generous and put the box in first or second.

Moreover, in the case, which is unlikely to change, but the watch, strap and charging hardly anything else will fit.

Most likely, the changes will affect the power supply. In the box with iPhone, Apple puts the most common charger at 5V and 1A for the last eleven years. This is the way we loaded the original iPhone in 2007, he continues to help us with the filling of the battery X in 2018. It is a failure.

Most interesting is that the actual iPhone 8 (Plus) and iPhone X supports fast charging. But to implement it you need to purchase an additional power supply from the MacBook and cable Lightning to USB-C.

Exactly the same power supply comes with a Apple Watch, in conjunction with the smart watch, which do not need a lot of energy, we give them more than satisfied.

However, this year Apple may equip the iPhone with a new power supply for 18W with USB interface-C. This tells us about what’s in the box also will lie and the Lightning cable to the USB Type-C, which can be connected to the new MacBook without the adapter.

But where is the new Apple Watch? New power supply might get their box. Perhaps it will be different in power, but the company just goes to USB type-C, which became her particularly relevant after discontinuing the MacBook Pro 2015.

It was impossible to buy a cable for the Apple Watch with USB to connect it to the new MacBook for recharging hours. If he is included, that result is very likely, I will personally slam the company’s standing.

When exactly will the new Apple Watch Series 4
Starting in 2014, Apple has introduced a smart watch with the iPhone in September:

iPhone 6 + Apple Watch: September 9, 2014

7 iPhone + Apple Watch Series 1, 2: September 7, 2016

iPhone 8, X+, Apple Watch, Series 3: September 12, 2017

The first went on sale only in 2015, so this year without updates. But in the future the Apple Watch was always accompanied by a smartphone company, in fact they — only companion device, rather than an independent device.

With the iPhone 5, Apple has introduced a new smartphone in September in the first or second Tuesday or Wednesday, but not before the 7th. If all goes well, the iPhone 9 and iPhone XI (Plus) along with the Apple Watch Series 4 show on September 12.

September 11 in the US is not to presentations, because on this day, remember the victims and other consequences of the 2001 terrorist attacks. So no holiday events can not be.

How much can cost the new Apple Watch Series 4
Authoritative analysts don’t say a word about the Apple Watch Series 4. So we are almost sure that the official retail price will start from 25 thousand RUB over 38 mm and from 27 thousand RUB over 42 mm (of course, if the exchange rate is critical will not change).

In principle, Apple Watch — not the best selling tool to ask for it more than ever.

Moreover, today we are witnessing a situation where Apple makes major adjustments in pricing policies, which are written by the world’s leading publications.

For example, for a continuation of the 10’s will ask $899 instead of $999 and iPhone 9 with a 6.1-inch screen and almost no frame at all will cost $600-700. This is a positive trend, which should be good for sales.

Personally, I think the replacement of its Apple Watch Series 2 to Series 4. My watch is not so quickly cope with the software, and the transition to total bermocoll I really like. The final decision will take during the presentation.


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