When you purchase the iPhone on the secondary market should always be very careful. Never hurts to check the serial number and model of devices. If the first talk about the warranty, the purchase date, the second will allow to know the origin of this model is that, in some cases, even more important.

How to find model number iPhone?

To do this, go to “Settings” — “General” — “About phone”. Exactly there you will find complete technical information about the smartphone, including the model number. To determine the history and condition of the iPhone is possible by the first letter:

  • M — brand new machine that has not been repaired.
  • F — the device has been officially restored under the program “Apple Certified Refurbished”.
  • N — has been replaced the device under warranty.
  • P — personalized device. When buying carried out the engraving.

The last letter tells about the origin of the device — in particular, the country for which it was designed machine.

For example, take the test smartphone:

As can be seen from the information provided, this unit was purchased in new condition, and intended for Russia, as evidenced by the value of UA/A.


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