Don’t delay the update of WhatsApp.

The popular app WhatsApp messenger for iPhone discovered a critical vulnerability. “Hole” could be exploited by attackers to hack the iPhone and access the data on the smartphone. WhatsApp has patched the vulnerability — all users of the messenger is recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

The hackers may attack users WhatsApp fairly simple way. For this, they need to replace RTP packets when performing a call to the victim. For users, this means that the attack by hackers is simple when you receive an incoming call. Because of this, the victim may not even suspect that the iPhone was exposed to hacker attack.

Detect vulnerabilities Google’s Project Zero stress that “hole” is really serious. They found her in August, just passing the required information to the developers of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has responded to the claim promptly and in August, eliminated the problem by releasing an update.

However, to truly mass about the vulnerability became known only today. Not all updated WhatsApp application and can still be at risk. In this regard, users are urged to update the WhatsApp application on the iPhone.

Users of smartphones running Android vulnerability is also not spared. The bug was present and Android version of the application WhatsApp. He has also been fixed in a recent update.

Source: chromium.


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