What will be the long-awaited IPhone 11 many Apple fans already know, it has recently been leaked photos of prototype models. But to know the exact price and to buy a popular device this fall. When is the release date of new IPhone model in 2019 in Russia?

Release date of the IPhone 11
Most analysts agree that the new model will be traditionally to include in itself two stages. The first presentation dedicated to the description of all features of the gadget. Presumably it will take place in September 2019.

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This conclusion is based on past experience. Starting with 2005, the presentation was held in late first — early second week of the month. In addition, almost all dates fall on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

2012 — September 12 (Wed);

2013 — September 10 (W);

2014 — September 9 (W);

2015 — Sep 9 (Wed);

2016 — September 7 (Wed);

2017 — September 12 (W);

2018 — September 12 (Wed).

This year on Tuesday and Wednesday to fall to 10 and the number 11. As September 11 is a day of mourning, it is logical to assume that the presentation will be held 10.

As for the start of sales, traditionally they start 10 days after the submission of the new model to the public. Thus, the world market iPhone 11 will be no earlier than the end of the month.

If the situation of the previous years will be repeated, first on the shelves will be predecessor — tenth model of the IPhone. And only after it will go on sale in the new generation of smartphones. Presumably, the ability to pre-order will be available within a week, most likely with the 13-14-th.

At the moment this is all the information related to the anticipated release date of the IPhone 11. Next, let’s discuss prices, the merged photo and some technical features.

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The names of the new models

The model name of the new IPhone is as much a mystery to the public, and the appearance of the device. The General public was chosen as the main options iPhone and iPhone XI 11. To confirm the first theory is the name of the previous model. Instead of the classic numbering, Apple switched to Roman numerals. In addition, the continuation of through numbering is almost impossible, as the model 9 does not exist.

Nevertheless, there remains the likelihood that the model will be called iPhone 11.

There is a third, equally popular version. Because of the confusion of names and numbers, a company can dramatically change the notation by setting unique name for the smartphone.

However, to get acquainted with the model of the IPhone 11 in Russia will be until the end of September 2019, if the expected release date is correct. The information on numbers we can also find out at the last moment.


Features iPhone and iPhone XI XI Max
About the new Apple product is practically nothing known. Official sources are silent, however the network is regularly updated with the merged information that contains not only the estimated price and date, but also photos of IPhone 11. Based on these pictures put forward a variety of assumptions regarding the major characteristics of the gadget.

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The design of the new IPhone 2019

Today, the majority of assumptions regarding the design is based on several photos of prototypes and alleged blanks for the manufacture of covers. However, in January of this year, it was known that the design has not yet been approved, so it may be irrelevant.

New IPhone could get a lot of changes, including having square faces (like the recently released iPad Pro). According to other sources, the flagship can get the latest flexible display. For the development of such technologies, according to some, recently spent a lot of money.

However, if all were leaked details are correct, eleventh model will have a more usovershenstvovannyi characteristics.

The iPhone 11 will be a 12-megapixel front camera

It is the concept of the camera became for many fans of the brand, the most disputable issue. In many pictures seen that her plan to make a separate protruding pedestal. The number of lenses will increase to three.

This design in the first place will allow you to capture more light for shooting in places with low illumination. In addition, increase the possibility zoom. Opens the device camera and ability to shoot in 3D format, by determining the depth of the image.

As for permissions, it can be left unchanged, at 12 MP. However, some data suggest an increase to 14 MP, at least for the two major chambers. The third is an auxiliary, with a resolution of about 10 MP.

However, it is not known whether this camera all new IPhones or she will get only the iPhone version XI Max.

Not much more information about front camera. It will also leave in the middle of the screen, but dedicated to her “unibrow”, on assurances of developers, will significantly decrease. Regarding permission informants disagree. According to some sources it will be 10, others say 12 MP.

Pictures of iPhone models and iPhone 11 11 Max triple cameras

Merged images of models of the new IPhone 11 almost caused the audience’s emotions. They didn’t give potential buyers any new information. However, it confirmed some theories. In particular the rumors about triple chamber, as well as concerns about the size of “monopoly”, which promised to do already.

Such innovation will certainly affect the price of the IPhone 11. But to take photos seriously to release in 2019 is not worth it.

Doubtful authorship of the images. According to some they belong to one of the employees for the production of covers and accessories. However, such blanks could be done by any person on the basis of photographs from the network.

Processor and memory iPhone 11
About the technical capabilities of the new IPhone, virtually nothing is known. Most likely, in the configuration will mean the A13 processor Bionic. However, its features and number of cores in the network information.


Most likely the latest model of the flagship Apple will get OLED-display high definition. Diagonal remains the same — 5.8 and 6.5 inch for iPhone 11 iPhone 11, and Max, respectively. However, the screen can become wider due to the reduction of the frame. Increase the refresh rate. She is 90 Hz for the background mode and 120 Hz for apps and games.

Which is better, iPhone XI 11 iPhone or iPhone Pro?

How better to call the new IPhone the controversy did not subside until now. However, according to some he can be called the iPhone Pro. The prefix Pro in this case completely describes the latest technology, which is supposed to implement. It is in the newest screen type “ProMotion”, which can give a frame rate of 120 Hz.

Price iPhone 11 in 2019

Sales of the previous generation of smartphones was a record low. This has forced Apple to think seriously about reducing the prices on their own products. However, due to the large number of new technologies which are planned to implement, expect a price change in the most budget way is not worth it.

The following is the approximate price range for the IPhone 11 in Russia, based on consideration of all technical innovations, new photo— and video cameras, together with the estimated power of the processor and configuration.

iPhone 11 64 GB — 80 thousand roubles;

iPhone 11 256GB — 94 thousand rubles;

iPhone 11 512 GB — 111 thousand rubles;

iPhone 11 Max 64 GB — 89 thousand roubles;

iPhone 11 Max 256 GB — 103 thousand rubles;

iPhone 11 Max 512 GB — 120 thousand rubles.

Prices are given in rubles, consequently, to September, they can vary greatly, as does the dollar. In addition, this list does not take into account the taxation of the goods and the premium outlets.

In conclusion it should be noted that the information provided may be out of date, after the official presentation. A large amount of data regarding the latest developments is a closely guarded secret and a plum of information may be intentional, in order to enter the public astray.

Recall that the release date of the IPhone 11 in Russia scheduled for the end of September — beginning of October 2019.

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