In General to wait long.

In early 2019, the company Samsung and Huawei has introduced a unique flexible smartphones. The novelty has turned impressive not only for its capabilities, but also the price — from $2000 and above. Would a flexible smartphone is available for purchase in the foreseeable future? Huawei executives are confident that they will, and relatively soon.

According to General Director of Huawei consumer technologies Richard Yu, the first available flexible smartphones will be available within two years. He is confident that soon the production of its own flexible smartphones will take a majority of Chinese manufacturers. Including those that spetsializiruyutsya on budget devices.

The original price is flexible smartphones will fall below $1000, but in the end to buy high quality foldable smartphone will get cheaper than $500. Then its the budget version of the foldable smartphone will be manufactured by leading manufacturers, including Huawei and Samsung.

Earlier, analysts said that Apple is expected to release its own foldable smartphoneto keep up with other competitors. Apple has many patents describing the construction and features a foldable iPhone, but at the moment reliable evidence for the beginning of the development of flexible mobile no.

Source: Welt.


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