Well, when there are plenty to choose from. In the digital age, the choice of the operator a positive effect on the development of technology and pricing.

Earlier we talked about the features of providers of Finland and Tajikistan, this time, let’s talk about the mobile operators in the United Arab Emirates.

The state was founded in 1972 and consists of 7 Emirates. The main income to the country brings tourism and trade of petroleum products is less than 10% of the money collected. The capital is Abu Dhabi, the second largest city – Dubai, he is also recognized as the world capital of tourism.

For visitors to this country much of a problem with communication there, as almost everywhere offers free Wi-Fi. Another thing for residents (expats) – telecommunications services are very expensive. First of all it is connected with monopoly on the market of mobile services. Though technically 2 operators – Etisalat and du – both run by the same people.

The only difference is coverage, that is, when rental housing, the resident must check with the landlord which provider to apply for the connection.

Mobile communications

The SIM card costs 10 dollars, depending on the digits in the number. Tariff with no monthly fee is too expensive, and if you sign a two year contract, the monthly fee would be $ 41 for 500 minutes of calls within the country and 6 GB of Internet traffic. To the whole is added a tax of 5%. Breach of contract before the term entails a penalty.

Mobile Internet… About him it is better to forget. Let’s start with the fact that there is no unlimited options. Pack of 160 megabytes (!) costs 5,5 USD, 1 GB is $ 27 and about $ 136 cost 25 GB of mobile Internet for 30 days.

Prices for mobile Internet packages (exchange Rate 1 USD = 3,67 AED)


In addition, in the country, so that all the money went to the improvement of these operators blocked all vpn services, voice and video calls in instant messengers and IP-telephony. For using these services is subject to criminal punishment.

Home Internet

Packages include home Internet, TV and home phone. Connection costs $ 55, equipment purchased separately. “High-speed” Internet at speeds up to 10 Mbps with unlimited data costs only $ 82 per month. Really Download – 10 Mbit/s and Upload 2 Mbit/s. Again, the contract is for two years with a further extension, termination before the term provides a penalty, which can reach several thousand dollars, depending on fare and services.


For many there is a misconception that in the UAE technique is cheap. Yes, there are stores where cheap but there is no guarantee on the device. So you can buy a phone and reveal the defect is literally coming out of the store, but the sellers refund will be denied. The official store the cost of the gadget is the same as in Russia.

Apple Store in Dubai


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