If fashion, poking a finger at the screen is not won, all other options of smartphones, we wouldn’t have enjoyed the touch of “shovels”, and the best mobile phones would be a push. And this phone would be considered a progenitor of pattern among them.

The Golden age of phones before smartphones ate all
When I remember that in 2005 you played for a LCD monitor in Resident Evil 4 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, watched a DVD or went to the movies to “Batman begins” and “Constantine”-Keanu-Reeves caught myself thinking that, in General, in 15 years, the world has changed slightly. And then you remember that in 2005 the Glucose song “snow” was a new fresh hit, the President of Ukraine Yushchenko, and laptops and smartphones Apple iPhone, Huawei and Xiaomi were not yet born, and realize that it’s been God knows how long, when it was replaced by several eras in politics, and, especially, in technology.

If you’ve forgotten, let me remind you that, in 2001, cell phones were thick big “tweeters” with a black and white screen and, if lucky, with no protruding antenna.

In 2002, their a little reduced in size, added polyphony and even lousy, but the Internet.

Later remember 2003 as “the FASHION DOWNLOAD POLYPHONIC RINGTONES AND FUNNY PICTURES FOR SMS!” in a thin, screaming all the voices and artificial instruments, but the “color” phones without the ability to share music and pictures with each other in inexpensive models, and with the IR ports in honey.

And in 2004 already was through the roof — the infrared port to share music and pictures, Bluetooth the most expensive cell phones to do it at a distance and quickly, stereo and bright screens, good quality cameras, memory cards… now, note the question — then what happened in 2005?

And in 2005, all the charm of an old push-button flagships suffered in the low-cost model, and a cool push-button phones came out at the highest level of quality.

To make a good push button phone, but instead, the fool

Before the release of the first IPhone was still a couple of years to fashion touch mobile phones (iPhone 3G/3GS and Nokia 5800) — even more, but already in 2005, there was a feeling that button “just mobile phones” approaching the ceiling of its development. And along with them to the death as approaching and many of the “titans” telefonstroy those years. — Nokiaв those years was more prestigious current Apple and Samsung combined. Quality, reliable, and very expensive. While the Finns knew that the future for smartphones, so that could point in any new Nokia mobile phone, and a 75% chance this was no ordinary push-button telephone, a smartphone based on the Symbian system. Regular phones without being a computers Nokia while blatantly cut in the potential and reinforced the logic of “if you’re so hitrozadyh, diplacini for smartphone! And people just fine!”. Rare exceptions in the form of Nokia 6233 6270 or does not make you a wealthy gentleman and lay out 300-400 euros for a really good cell phones, or pay for a colored and polyphonic cut down the possibilities of something or go down the list. It would be even where to go because…

Siemens. Lived the last happy months before the bankruptcy and sale to the Chinese of Motorola. After the coolest 65-series (Siemens CX65/M65/S65) has released a new generation of phones… which was almost nothing new — the Germans just pereobuli old flagman (the same S65) in the new model of the middle class CX75/M75 and said, “but we now have an MP3!”. The fact that last year MP3 (and normal music, as a consequence) was already all competitors, Hans did not care.

The flagships of the “Seeds” came out stupid and buggy — new “just leader” Siemens S75 scared people dull camera, slow (the processor is mounted at delivery), and “glitches”. And “all flagship flagship” Siemens SXG75 came out a hybrid of a hedgehog with a snake — almost all the guts went to the Siemens model, which is rejected and not released by Motorola. It was developed from scratch system based on Linux with the Qualcomm processor (Yes, the beginnings of Android, almost!), where everything worked ass-backwards: Java applications and games normally not installed, glitches in the system were such that sometimes one could not even answer the phone with a very powerful processor all inhibited, as in the models that were half the price.

In General, the most devoted fans of the firmware and the “armored cars” were still with Siemens CX75/M75, but Siemens was already “dead, even when alive.” As a new film Mikhalkov.

Motorola. Another example of “chop dibs on that sold well, and then even later”. A year earlier, in 2004, Motorola has released a cool audiophile E398 with stereo speakers, and a cot with the world’s best design RAZR V3. And then the guys did not bother and bought myself a white powder, yachts and girls on the gained profits.

Mobile phones? What other phones? Oh, you mean Motorola… Well, did Motorola L7 “as the Razer, just not the cot” and mils outside, but the stuff inside the “sea stone” PEBL U6. For some reason, people don’t go and buy up this stuff instead of Nokia smartphones and brutally “evil” SonyEricsson, but American cowboys from Motorola was still too passionate about the development of profits, to notice. The result is known to all — a ruined Motorola first “pomatrosil” Google, gutted it of all the patents and future developments, and then sold to the Chinese from Lenovo. Lanovoy was hoping to be able to make a phone with a big letter “M” in the countries where they hate all Chinese, but suddenly found that over the years Motorola have forgotten, and do not care about someone like this “a premium brand with a rich history”. Now Moto — manufacturer of budget stuff for hot Latinos and something shameful in the eyes of the buyers a modern Android phones. But Lenovo does not care about their wards, left them to self-sufficiency and sculpts smartphones under its own label.

Samsung (mobile division) in those years felt, as the son of a Russian oligarch from “Papa” (branches for the sale of monitors, hard drives, televisions and household appliances) fell from above a fantastic amount of, but among manufacturers of mobile phones Samsung is still considered a clown and “mediocre major.” And was partly right — the Koreans were too far from the people and didn’t understand what people want to see the phones at a reasonable price.

More precisely, Samsung got to the point when, in 2003, released a polyphonic superzvezdy and cheap C100 was able to earn the trendy and cool slider of the D500 at the beginning of 2005. And then completely lost the understanding of where to go next.

As befits offended majeure, Samsung on the grounds of their complexes started to show everyone “gruel” and real chic — made smartphone i300 with a record at the time of memory 3 GB and no one in the people do not understand Windows Mobile, but still for $600-700. “Boys” is not inspired and not admired. And then did the same, only the slider (i750) — he “somehow” also took off.

What is left in the pipe?

SonyEricsson — glamorous stuff for the majors in the best “national” manufacturer

How quickly Motorola and Siemens slipped from people’s Pets in “the living dead” and consumer goods, so as rapidly SonyEricsson restructured itself from a manufacturer of mobile phones for rich chumps in the coolest phones, what price or take.

It is hurtful and unpleasant truth, but Ericsson (when he still did not hog the Japanese) for a long time was released a strange thing for fans to throw money at the problem and not just fans, but with “rich inner world”. Almost like HTC, ASUS or even the OnePlus now. That is not to say that the phone was a failure on all fronts, but its price is not justified, plagued by minor issues (at a price like Nokia, Ericsson until 2003 managed a lousy to middling way to catch network) and was unclear who needs.

Flagships lacked features compared to Nokia, state employees looked “stumps” compared to the Siemens. As a result, until the end of 2003 then SonyEricsson bought or those who do not understand the numbers or quirky guys that have found good copies of the old “top models” used or on sale.

In 2004, the samurai realized that I can’t live like that, and put in new phones all the best that I can think of. In the end, SonyEricsson K300i and K500i became the Golden mean between neadekvatno expensive and “so-so sound, tolerable camera” Nokias and 6610i 6020, as compared to “here is the characteristics of the roof and cheap, but buggy” at Siemens was much more stable.

And flagship SonyEricsson K700i for speed games and applications, screen quality, camera quality and sound was better than the competition Nokia 6230 and Siemens S65 Motorola E398 unconditionally. Spoil his only Indian giving, Yes, for a good phone, aponso-the Swedes have identified the infamous 41 MB of memory without the ability to insert a memory card full of happiness.

And while Nokia was “finished” push-button phones (which soon became unnecessary with the advent of the iPhone), and dying, Siemens tried to blind scrap “candy” SonyEricsson in 2005, was preparing a “bomb” to put all the competitors not with reservations, as it was with the K700i, and probably. And that’s what they did:

Normally do — will be fine

Good player not at the expense of everything else. A super-trivial thing to bring to mind which why-that at anybody hands did not reach. The first phone suitable for the role of MP3 player, Siemens SL45, released in 2001, but to listen to music on it was difficult, responsible task. The second cult classic among audiophiles cell phone, Motorola E398, was released in 2004 and were pleased with the good sound, but was discharged quickly, worked with lag even when scrolling through menus, not to mention the games and apps (the processor was junk), but in order to properly listen to the music, had to climb into a Java application. In the end, either you sat down to stitch and to bring the cell phone to mind, or you hated everything except a decent screen and good (not take away) sound.

SonyEricsson K750i was made that way — it was designed as a flagship cell phone company without an accent on some supernormal. A simple “we’ve wrapped you maximum performance wherever they could”.

Therefore, the standard player was “omnivorous” as possible in those years (.amr,.mp3,.midi.ogg,.aac,.wav) and you can make playlists with the set only those songs (“Dima Bilan”, “For drinking at Vasana”, etc.) that are needed. If you are technically-literate friend, you can transcode your music collection to the format HE-AAC is the same song with MP3 quality took about 2 times less space on the memory card. However, since no one did, because “computer geeks” there was little music in this format is not played on the mobile phones of your friends/schoolmates/classmates. But it was unacceptable because available to transfer songs/jokes/pictures on my phone — it was “currency” and a pledge of friendly relations in those days. The sound from the SE K750i was originally of higher quality than the Samsung, which sounded clean, but did not know how to “pump” larger headphones. Better than Siemens, which, oddly enough, the 75 series was not much sound quality (in this case Siemens SL45 of 2001 places sounded better). Worse than the expensive Nokias (6230i, 6233) in the original version, but after modification of EQ (krutilki sound settings) is much better.

You’ll laugh, but most of the owners of the K750i simply turned on in the settings preset “Strike” and rejoiced in how powerful the phone is hollowed ears bass with his “tyts-tyts-tyts”. Now these people look in our eyes Papuans, but before 2005, the ability of removing the normal low frequencies was the main difference between MP3 players with flash memory and “pathetic mobile phones that can do everything, but can’t do anything right.” And in the special version K750i, SonyEricsson W800i Walkman, the sound was initially the best quality — the Japanese spent more time that the phone sounded clearer. And it was like “airplane mode” when the mobile phone only worked in the role of player and due to this autonomy was doubled.

There was another design, another the camera shutter and memory card of 512 MB instead of the complete 64 MB for K750i. However, in 2005, even 512 MB nobody was excited — it was like the current 32 GB in a smartphone. Many enough, but it was considered good form to buy 1 GB (as today we take smartphones with 64 GB) to be “as expected”.

Best camera among the “simple” push-button phones. All parameters: 2 megapixel camera (Siemens S75, Nokia 6230i was 1.3 MP, and in 2005, the camera was such that these things mattered. The Nokia 6300, which was released in 2006, a 2-Megapixel camera was still worse), autofocus (rare) and good optics. Of course, there was Nokia 6233, which I photographed not worse, but it came at the very end of 2005, when SonyEricsson your K750i sold record numbers and were preparing to release a new model — the “phone-camera” K790i.

The SE K750i was macro mode (really helped when photographing text), night mode, continuous shooting to choose the best frame if you are photographing someone in motion, and the ability to take panorama photos. Today for us it is all “so what’s the big deal?”, but in 2005 such functions for many buyers, was almost a sensation.

And a good strong flash to use as flashlight. It was also the innovation that the Steve the Jobs in those years, not even dreamed of! And Directors of Nokia/Motorola/Siemens, too!

A powerful processor. ARM9 110 MHz. For a regular cell phone (non-smartphone) it was very much a budget smartphone, the Nokia 3230 is, for example, had 123 MHz with a much heavier system Symbian on Board. In General, the effect was the same as with games consoles the Sony PlayStation, which at the dead hardware pull games that require much more expensive and powerful computer with Windows.

The fastest at that time, the mobile phone (smartphones, again, went to a separate, more expensive League with other priorities) speed-up and smooth running of the games, one of the rarest phones that are not “inhibited” when you fast switch between Internet, games and SMS when running the music.

And he pulled the coolest 3D games Java better which was just special.games for smartphones. In fairness, the “plane” SE K750i was only the processor part — game power Nokia 6230i was not worse. But no one in their right mind would run the game on a microscopic screen of this Nokia in 2005.

High-quality screen. Not to say that the quality is the flagship Samsung D500/D600 gave better picture. And in mid-2005 released Nokia 6270/6280, which was dumped on similar diagonals 176×220 and 320×240 pixels at the same brightness. But for the first half of 2005, when the people were Siemens CX65/M65/S65/S75 with a pitiful 132×176 pixels, the old Nokia 6600/7650 with dim 176×208 pixels. or inadequately expensive clamshell Samsung with less steep screens, Sonyeric looked good.

Everything is in place and operates as it should. The infrared port to exchange files with someone whose cell phone was old, and fast stable Bluetooth in order to connect with latest phones. There are no artificial restrictions on transmission or reception of games and apps like a bloody Samsung, any Java games and other Java applications run without problems (except with mobile phones with the less clear the game screen displayed on the entire screen). However, the installed games to pass has been impossible — had installed besides the store itself is setup file “for yourself and for that guy”.

Almost full bezglyuchnost in the work that the owners of Motorola and Siemens, not even dreamed of. And Samsung have been possible but for the same reason as in the first iPhone: “no functionality, no problems.”

If you have a recorder, he makes notes on all of the available memory (and not 20 seconds as the Motorola E398) and allows you to record conversations, if the gallery is not junk “hanging” the system while collecting images (Siemens and Nokia), and the omnivorous and fast smotrelka pictures and videos.

In 2019 it is difficult to understand that in primitive by modern standards, a push-button cell phone that could “fail”, but believe me — in those years, the phones were given such “jokes” that the alarmists on the basis of “I have updated iOS and Android and began working bad!” and never dreamed of. SonyEricsson such nonsense buyers do not annoy, so everyone who was not ready with his hands to flash the Siemens and Motorola to fix their “glitches” ran the camp “Shirikov”.

Suitable for picking enthusiasts. Not to the same extent as Siemens or Motorola, but also nice. With the patches (elfpack) you have opened here the following possibilities:

To use emulators of game consoles. For example, Dendy (NES) or the SNES

To use the calculator input fractional numbers

To program the phone to show how many megabytes of Internet you wound, after disconnecting from GPRS

Black list for calls and messages

The ability to transfer already installed games and applications on IrDA or Bluetooth

To assign a button to switch between Windows running menu/applications (like Android or iOS, Yes)

Vibration at 55 seconds of the conversation every minute. Not to pay for the next minute, if we talk specifically about. The realities of 2005, guys

Change Wallpaper on your desktop in a given interval

Automatic recording of all phone conversations to a memory card

The ability to capture screenshots (snapshot of what’s happening on the screen). Today that you squeezed the two buttons on your Android and order. And in older phones it was a problem — even in smartphones routinely take screenshots was not

and so on.

Design. As you can see today — timeless. So that the newest keypad phones in 2018 in front of it look pathetic rattles. How can you not joke about that “extraterrestrial technology release good push-button phone is lost forever”?

And in 2005 there were all sorts of cell phones, but “quadratini” and without any decorations. Nokia 6230i upset a small screen, Nokia 6233 many considered “remnant”, a smartphone like the Nokia 3250 in General, the design bordered on addiction. The Siemens S75 was “weird,” and the handsome Siemens S65 C75 and not hold out for functionality. Motorola SLVR looked great… as long as you haven’t started on it and didn’t realize that the keyboard is not very comfortable, and the phone itself — the old “bucket” that need either to flash or to sell.

The Japanese and Swedes to eliminate all the flaws is not enough — get someone else

No matter how I would like to FIB about a “ultimatively and the coolest of indicators” around SonyEricsson K750i, and have to tell you about the real annoying drawbacks:

Terrible quality video capture. Not only that, the picture is dancing and unintelligible, and sound like the owner is a drunk and while shooting was blowing in the phone as the breathalyzer. Compared to even more cheap shots video K750i — disgrace.

Impact resistance. Dropped Nokia 6230i — raised — work. Dropped my SonyEricsson K750i — raised — running… and after a while begins to reboot to hang when playing music. Or include the cell and understand that you autofocus “repulsed”. In General, came the era of fancy push-button phones — gone era durable push-button phone. Because Nokia also endured the decline has not painlessly, whatever fibs you their users to be witty.

EDGE is not supported. Imagine: you buy a good smartphone middle class of thousands of commercials for 20… and it doesn’t support 4G and only works in 3G. Can be used, but sad. About the same “bummer” expected against those who used the SonyEricsson K750i.

EDGE is not 3G, but it’s 2.5 G, and a noticeable acceleration in downloads. Don’t forget that your wifew in the mass mobile phones were not, therefore, any long and tedious pull files via normal GPRS or spit on it all and fill the phone with music and pictures via cable from your computer.

Very strange blooper for Shirikov in much cheaper and older Nokias or Siemens EDGE has worked.

Damn brand standard memory card Sony. The fact that Sony, like Apple, impudent as much as she allow buyers and checks all the time buyers for strength. When some companies promote “vydac” and a VHS tape, Sony tried to sell its Betamax (to receive royalties). When the music began to record in Audio CD format, Sony has tried to impose its own disc format MiniDisc and its ATRAC audio format. And cell phones, as you can see, instead of common memory cards RS-MMC or the increasingly popular microSD, Sony has fashioned developed by Memory Stick Pro Duo.

Yeah, those memory cards were just a little faster, pop-RS-MMC. But produced their “three cripples”, and the price for the same amount of memory on a Sony memory card was half to two times higher than on memory cards other format. And if you wanted to sell a standard memory card 512 MB RS-MMC or microSD in 2005, you sold it instantaneously, but if you were to sell 512 MB Memory Stick Pro Duo (to buy more), you had to wait for the sea weather — find owner of mobile phone Sony, who would be on this card tempted.

Some asshole in the firmware. Not in stability or speed, but just small oddities:

In the address book you can store up to 5 numbers per contact. But it was impossible to make two workers or two mobile. That is, the Japanese believed that you always have only one worker and one mobile number, and the rest be so kind as to finish with the designation “Fax” or “other”.

You cannot see what number you did call. I mean, you saw what you called Fyodor. But you didn’t know, he called you with Beeline, MTS or MegaFon, could learn only after gaining Fyodor in response. And I will remind you that in 2005 calls within the network cost more or less cheap, but for the calls on the “enemy” of operators with subscribers tore up three skins.

In the first firmware it was impossible to rewind the video. Not at all. The phone that was able to turn a two-hour videos. In new firmware versions added o-o-och-CH-EN slow forward, where it was necessary to clamp the joystick to the right and wait a few minutes until it comes to minutes of the film where you left off. Ah Yes, the joystick…

The moronic joystick control system. Four years in a row SonyEricsson scolded for sinking, failing for any reason, lousy, uncomfortable, expensive to replace the joysticks, but the manufacturer wanted to spit on these complaints. Even so, there was no doubt, will break if the joystick on your SonyEricsson K300/K500/K700/K750i — the question was how soon it will break. How long would you last before you break down again.

Why is this button still the coolest phone ever created

Because in this model, SonyEricsson “found himself” and that kind of phone, after which the entire development is reduced only to the “same cabbage soup Yes pour a little more”. Cell phone with no frills (like those operating systems) with a good screen, almost perfect sound, good camera, good battery life, a full set for data transfer, memory cards, fast, bug-free firmware, free file sharing without self-imposed limitations and the ability to chat + to run on the Internet to the music in perfect form to form just SonyEricsson, and they did it almost in perfect condition.

Yes, the future SonyEricsson K790i/K800i photographed better and it had a sharper screen but it’s progress level “we’ve got two cameras instead of one, and now the screen is not 1920×1080, and 2560×1440” in smartphones. As the mobile phone with extraordinary photopotential, K790i became famous. As the legend itself — has always been in the shadow of the K750i/W800i.

Samsung has not made anything better from the “knopochku” for all subsequent years, Nokia in 2006 almost completely ignored on everything except smartphones with Symbian and only Nokia N73 (which came much later and was not cheap) was a decent answer “Chierico” K800i — K750i successor.

In 2006 Motorola was almost dead, BenQ-Siemens didn’t released anything decent and died. Even the SonyEricsson drowned in the same-citation for stuffing and functionality of the models is so monotonous that even Huawei/Honor, which is the fruit of “clones” dozens of pieces, would become sick at the sight of this.

It turns out that from the universe of cool cell phones of old age after a year or two after the release of the SE K750i something radically new appeared in Nokia smartphones and came to the “humanity” of usability communicators on Windows Mobile. And then came the iPhone and shoveled everything down to pieces — so much so that still chew his legacy with iOS and Android.

In 2019 it’s too late to talk, would want people to buy quick button smart phone with a great camera, updates, weather and news, chat in WhatsApp/Facebook/Telegram/VK and the possibility of “little” (not because it can’t, but because the screen would be small) to go online. Xiaomi is trying to portray something like that, but practice shows that people have changed and they are the realities of care. So let’s remember that love at first sight the main thing — not to look a second time. Naive old movies we had to watch when they came out to warm and cool push-button phones to use in the years when they were actually cool and not some “ahah, my Samsung Galaxy three thousand everything works better than in this your great knopochka!”. Just appreciate the classics and remember that the current dying Sony was once the best mobile phone maker in the world. We love him so, and remember this, even when the world does not remain anything, except nagleyuschih in the price of smartphones “Chinese.”

## What modern smartphones like Sony Ericsson K750i

Most importantly, what famous K750i — it was not super-expensive (flagship of Nokia and Communicator SonyEricsson P990i was more expensive), but very fast phone with a quality screen, great cameras and good sound. Someone to compare it with modern mobile phones — the question is “religious” because it depends on whether you agree with the fact that “Chinese” can create something ideologically close or not.

If so, OnePlus and OnePlus 6 6T today is exactly what was SonyEricsson in 2005. “Wicked” fast and high-quality smartphones that can “knock” to more expensive models in terms of price and quality, and differ sharply from the “fat” Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 8 Plus for the same price.

If you believe that to be the successor of the legend may be only a manufacturer who lived “then”, then Samsung Galaxy S10e — just what the doctor ordered. Since then, as Sony “protosome” its compact smartphone is the natural analogue of compactness, versatility and quality in any performance.

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