The wait is long.

iOS 12 is almost ready for final release. With the development of iOS 12 Apple tried their best, as evidenced by the output from 12 beta firmware versions and General system condition — it works perfectly on all supported devices. When will you release GM-version of iOS 12 and final build update? We receive a large number of these issues in our group in “Vkontakte”, so we decided to give a clear answer on them.

GM-iOS version 12 will be released on 12 September

The Golden Master version of iOS 12 will be released on 12 September after the end of the presentation of the new iPhone Xs, Max Xs iPhone and iPhone 9. The firmware will be available for download only to registered developers. However, to install it using this method, you will be able to attend.

The label “Golden Master” at the last test build of iOS 12 will mean that the firmware on 99-100% identical to the final version. Thus, users will not be tolerated go to iOS 12 with the most successful iOS 11, can do that already on September 12.

The final version of iOS 12 will be released on September 19

If Apple will not change their habits, the final version of iOS 12 are available for installation to all users on September 19. Typically, the company releases the final build of the new version of iOS a week after the launch of the GM Assembly.

With the detailed overview of all innovations of the iOS 12, you can see here. We also recommend to read our material on 86 main innovations of iOS 12.



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