Symphony orchestra is a unique phenomenon: none world civilizations other than European, for thousands of years have not generated anything like that. In this edition of “Tactus” understand the uniqueness and specificity of the Symphony orchestra.

So what is the orchestra? In everyday life it can be called the group of musicians of virtually any composition and size. But actually the orchestra — is a musical group that consists not of individual instruments and groups of instruments within these groups, some people play one and the same.

What is Symphony orchestra? The simplest explanation is the orchestra that can perform the Symphony. The Symphony is the most complex, interesting and rich in form, which is written classical music.

And how did such a band? In its more or less modern Symphony orchestra was formed in the late 18th century in the works of the so-called “Viennese classics” of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

Who plays in a Symphony orchestra? It consists of four major groups of instruments. This is woodwinds, brass, percussion and strings. In that order, from top to bottom — they are in the score.

And still tell who the main in a Symphony orchestra, how can it change its composition. And you can listen to the first movement of the Symphony No. 103 in e-flat major by Joseph Haydn performed by the State Symphony orchestra of the USSR Ministry of culture conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky.

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