In the Russian market is not so bad.

Before the presentation of the new iPhone 9, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus (final names, of course, subject to change) is just over a month. In this regard, retailers worldwide are beginning to sell stocks iPhone X, the current flagship of Apple. Just yesterday, the operators, the U.S. launched a powerful sale iPhone X, dropping the price of the smartphone for $50-200. But it is cheaper than in Russia?

iPhone X is cheaper in the United States are quite reluctant. Nine months later after the release of the smartphone, the majority of operators have reduced the price by only $50 in the case of model with 64 GB of memory. AT&T and Verizon sell the iPhone X for $950, what is the current exchange rate is equal to 60 thousand.

Russia is at authorised retailers of the iPhone X with 64 GB of memory is estimated at 70 thousand rubles. The fall in the price compared to the original is already more than 9 thousand rubles, However, the cost of the smartphone is higher than in the United States, despite the reluctance of the U.S. shops greatly reduce prices.

With 256-Gigabyte iPhone X the situation is different. Leading operators in the United States to sell the model for $1000 or 63 thousand RUB Discount model is $150. Russian retailers iPhone X with 256 GB of memory can be purchased for 81 and 82 thousand rubles. The difference is much more impressive.

iPhone X cheaper in the US than in Russia. However, in the case of model with 64 GB of memory, the difference can not be called huge. American stores are not so generous with the discounts as ours. On the other hand, operators in the US offer the purchase of iPhone on contract X (in fact in installments) for relatively little money. iPhone X with 64 GB of memory, for example, can be bought for just $31 (1 963 rubles) per month, however, to pay for the smartphone will have a period of 30 months.



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