What to do if you want to buy an iPhone right now? Which model is more profitable to buy a month before the presentation of the new smartphones?

Note: This article is the subjective opinion of the author.

Apple’s smartphones have always attracted the users speed, and durability. A second iPhone 5S 2013 release supports the latest version of the operating system – iOS 12, unlike the flagships for Android that get the OS upgrade for 2-3 years since the release. Apple cares about the consumer, is the average life cycle of devices Apple company – 7 years.

At the moment, official sale are: iPhone SE the iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone Plus, 7/7, 8/8 Plus and iPhone flagship iPhone X. the Official cost of the devices ranges from $ 349 to $ 1 149 USD, depending on model and modification. In the secondary market, you can find cheaper options that almost 70% of cases were repair – the replacement of the display and the housing to the soldered Board elements.

iPhone X

A month before the September Apple presentation, is to refuse to buy the current flagship. Two reasons: value and relevance. After a couple of months after the announcement of the new iPhone models X will drop in price by 20-30%, and performance will give way to the new flagships. Definitely a “ten” will serve long to its owners, but the question of expediency of purchase for 999 $ just before the release of the new iPhone models, puts everything in its place.

Conclusion: iPhone X – today’s best smartphone, if you want to purchase this model, it would be advantageous to buy in October-November, after declining prices.

iPhone 8/8 Plus

These models are almost the same technical characteristics in X. with the exception of the front panel and front-facing camera, 8 Plus similar to “ten”, but is $ 200 cheaper. These models have the most powerful processor A11 Bionic, thanks to which iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are working as fast as X.

Conclusion: 8/8 iPhone Plus – the best option flagship “ten” in the usual case iPhone 6/6s/7 with a price tag of 699 USD.

iPhone 7/7 Plus

Features good enough to cope with any challenges. In everyday life the performance at the same iPhone 8 and iPhone X. the Smartphone is sold in 6 colors: “onyx black”, matte black, silver, gold, rose gold and red Product (RED). It is worth to consider to purchase if the numbers in synthetic benchmarks don’t matter.

Conclusion: the iPhone 7/7 Plus – the perfect smartphone. For 549 dollars, you will get a smartphone in the aluminum case with a perfect camera, fast processor A10 Fusion and iOS updates for the next 5 years.

iPhone 6s/6s Plus/SE

These three models have identical characteristics, the differences are insignificant, except that the dimensions of the device – 4 inch, 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. These models are on the market for 4-th year, and accordingly, this is the last year in their life cycle.

Conclusion: the iPhone 6s/6s Plus/SE is not worth taking at all – the device is quite old for 2018.



If really want to become the owner of iPhone a month before the release of new models, the best solution may be the iPhone 7/7 Plus. Here – reasonable price, almost top-end specs and aluminum, which is safer delicate glass “tens”.


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