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The reason for the holes in the “Union” may remain a mystery

None of the methods to find out the cause of a hole in the hull of a spacecraft “Soyuz MS-09” cannot guarantee the accuracy of the results, has declared “news” the leading materials scientists. The patch for the hole of the sealant can be subjected to a material examination in three ways. The accuracy of the results of the model experiment will depend on the ability to reproduce on Earth space conditions and the extent of compliance with instructions when applying sealant. The accuracy of the experiment can be affected by the fact that in space materials actively emitting gases that change their structure. Chemical analysis is able to determine the internal structure of the sealant, however, scientists have expressed full confidence in the fact that it will give the answer to the question about the time of occurrence of the hole.

The Russian route can become faster

The maximum permitted speed on some sections of some routes of Russia may rise, told “Izvestia” in the Federal road Agency. With 90 kilometers per hour to 110, it may grow on 419-616 miles route M-9, 178-542 miles, P-23, 105-141 km R-56, 4-59 kilometers A-212, 33-47 km R-242, and also at sites M-5, M-8, R-22, A-289, A-370, R-217 and R-404. Up to 130 kilometers per hour speed can grow new sections of toll highways M-4 and M-11. The need for this in the Federal road Agency based on the fact that increasing the maximum speed on roads reduces accidents and increases throughput.

Why the world afraid of the third world

The article of the Professor of the Army war College, USA Robert Farley in The National Interest, which was named a potential world war III is an attempt to “obstruct” the ongoing U.S. hybrid war against Russia and China. This opinion journalist Sergey Latyshev expressed in the article “Constantinople”. Three days ago, Farley predicted that in 2019, world war III could begin in the South China sea, in Ukraine, in the Persian Gulf or North Korea.

“A terrorist attack or a local conflict will become a reason to start a world war in only one case — when it is fully prepared,” — said the fighters.

Trump lost the trade war

USA stronger than others has suffered from trade wars, which they themselves announced to the world, writes “”. For the first time discontent with the trade with China, US President, Donald trump has expressed during the election campaign. He didn’t like the 500-billion bilateral trade deficit and the Chinese theft of intellectual property of U.S. corporations. First duties have fallen on the manufacturers of washing machines and solar panels in January 2018, following — on metallurgists, including European. As a result, the motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson moved production abroad to avoid the new European duties, though trump wanted the opposite — the return of American business in America. Among other victims — Nike, Ford, Tesla, Apple, Walmart, Boeing. The trump blamed a lack of understanding of the fundamental principles of the global trading system, and the main goal he never reached China still maintains a policy of economic expansion.

How to survive the Russians

Living at the subsistence level, the Russians said “the”, how they do it. One of them, the caretaker, feeds one to two times a day, what a month spent 600-800 rubles. In the winter he wears bought 20 years ago jacket. The employee of the Vologda railway company Vladimir Paskhin and his wife of 37 thousand a month to live and help the eldest son to study at the Institute in St. Petersburg and the youngest on paid College. Food costs the family approximately four thousand per month, which affected the health — teeth falling out. 47-year-old Elena from the city of Slantsy two years can not find work and forced to live on the unemployment benefit — 850 roubles.

“Pasta. Oat flakes. Vegetable oil. And so every day,” she said.

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