Duel of the giants: Apple vs Google, iOS vs Android, Google vs Apple Pay Pay. But who to pay it easier?

Google Pay vs. Apple Pay: Who is now ahead

Availability: Apple Pay and Google Pay are available in many countries, including USA, UK, Switzerland, Italy, France and Japan. On the territory of Russia is also available both payment methods.

Credit card: Both services require a credit card intermediary Bank.

Abroad: You can use Google Pay virtually all countries of the world. Apple Pay is not so simple. For example, the German credit cards are not suitable for purchases abroad.

iOS: If you’ve got a credit card, except it you will need a suitable smartphone. Apple Pay has some pretty big limitations, the service works only on iPhone with iOS 8.1 and later versions, and Apple Watch.

Android: For operation of the system Google Pay requires at least Android 5.0 Lollipop and the NFC chip. This allows you to use the payment service on most models of Android smartphones and tablets.

Data transmission: Both services use to communicate between the mobile phone and the payment terminal NFC.

Cost: Both the service provider does not charge you any fees for paying with your smartphone. Service credit card you, of course, as before, will have to pay.

Where can I use Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Apple Pay employs more than a million stores in the United States. These include major fast food chains such as McDonalds and Subway, as well as retailers such as Lidl and Zara. In London, for example, using Apple Pay you can pay even in public transport.

Like Apple Pay, Google Pay function when you pay in a large number of stores. The service cooperates with OZON, McDonalds and most major shopping centers. Apple Pay and Google Pay are also working in various applications and online stores.

In terms of security, both teams tried each other not to give up. Sensitive data are not transmitted to any servers. Instead, as Google Pay and Apple Pay creates a virtual card with which you make payments. Then Google or Apple withdraw money from your account.

But what about authentication? Apple offers a very simple way to pay using Touch ID. Google Pay also offers this function, but only starting with Android 6 and, of course, only on devices that have a fingerprint scanner.

Google Pay VS Apple Pay: a conclusion

The same technology, the same shops, the same type of authentication: both systems are in principle very similar and do not have any special chips. Future purchases, it seems, finally for smartphones.

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