Android is a good operating system, but some of the actions of Google and smartphone manufacturers, do not give me rest. Over the past few years Google has managed to overcome serious shortcomings, but instead of them appeared new.

This article has no purpose to show how bad Android and iOS good. Below are listed those problems for which Android is not mixed feelings, and rejection. And they apply not only to “pure” Android, but to the shells of other manufacturers.


Apple has always set a trend. No matter what anyone said, but when the new iPhone comes with a unique feature, six months later, she appears in other smartphones.

IPhone X cut is necessary to place the sensors to work Face ID, while maintaining the effect of bezremontnoy. In the process of using smartphone, it is not noteworthy. Other manufacturers realized this and started to use the neck in all their smartphones.

It often happens that the slot in any Android smartphone does not carry any meaning. Manufacturers rarely there are placed sensors to scan person. Instead, they use it to repeat the effect of bezremontnoy. In turn, this required that people bought the smartphone, which is similar to the iPhone. Unfortunately, this is reality.

It is believed that neckline on other smartphones needed to fit more information. But there are only clock, indicators, and icons for incoming notifications.

To fit more information, it is not necessary to add the cutout. Enough to reduce the scope from all sides. Galaxy S8 and S9 proof.

Most frustrating is the fact that Google supports this trend. In Android P there are several options for displaying the cut and Google Pixel 3 will be similar to a typical Chinese smartphone, which is in turn similar to the iPhone X.


Remember the time when apps on Android always lost in terms of design and interface counterparts on iOS. It could be a non-standard layout, bad fonts, or just terrible optimization.

Over time, these flaws managed to win, although not in all applications. But the main problem remained — no on Android exclusive apps.

Modern smartphones are very similar to each other. Distinguishes them only the operating system and the shell. But Google somehow is not cooperating with other companies, and not trying to add Google Play any unique application.

On iOS many professional programs for working with photos, video and text. Most of them have no version for Android. For many iPhone and iPad users this is a serious reason not to buy an Android device, including for me.

Rapid turnover of models

What I like about Apple — they release no more than three smartphones every year. While they come out at the same time.

Manufacturers of Android smartphones used to release multiple flagships in one year. I’m talking about the flagships, and not all smartphones. This action is due to the high competition, but as the buyer I would be upset that I paid for the most expensive smartphone, and six months later it’s obsolete.

I would still have to understand if the changes were serious. But often it depends on the updated screen and new processor.


Due to the fact that companies are often on top of the Android install bulky shell, they delay the updates. A new version of the system usually goes through at least six months after the announcement of the new Android. Again, I can understand manufacturers because they have to rewrite almost all the code, but as a buyer I should not worry.

Another problem with updates — their prevalence. Apple immediately released an update for all smartphones. From Android manufacturers is the order of the updates. First, the new firmware comes out for the current flagship or being developed simultaneously for the new. Then for last year’s flagship, then — for everyone else, and that someone lucky. Another update may come out for a certain region, and a month to reach all the others.


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