My manevolent years I have been working on From the very first day as a freelance writer and at present in the role of editor-in-chief I read the same thought from commentators.

Supposedly, Apple has finally deteriorated. Innovation is not, I repeat over competitors, will not buy anything.

But math isn’t beating. In July, the company’s capitalization briefly exceeded $ 1 trillion. And quarterly reports over and over again put records.

At the same time being very criticized and discussed in IT, it is uncomplicated Apple earns more than all the money everywhere, where it presented its products. Even you, most likely, will go for the next iPhone in the store, if not now, later.

How so? Why “Apple” on the horse so long, and the competitors can only jump, but in the end to stay in catch-up?

The answer is short and simple.

You don’t buy the product, then purchase the idea

Call the company Samsung. Not a slogan, but an idea. Uniting a sense of everything that she produces.

Smartphones are good, no doubt. But the idea is what?

Okay, what about the new Russian favorite, Huawei? I can’t think of how to describe at once all their smartphones.

While continuing to call himself other brands competitors, you will inevitably catch yourself thinking, ideas they have.

Rivals Apple is busy selling the product in the first place: set ticks and characteristics, which themselves should be of interest to the buyer. This is evident in advertising, in marketing, even building sites.

Meanwhile, Apple sells the idea. In which write-in product and everything that it would normally expect. Features go by the wayside. Have you ever noticed how carefully the company avoids the concept of “gadget” in advertising? IPhone, iPad, watch the language “Apple” marketing — rather the subject of outstanding use, but not a set of incredible features.

What’s the idea Apple?

Of course, you know her.

It is a truism: the idea is Apple — easy.

Almost all of what you’re doing “Yabloko”, is subordinated to this idea. Everything should work itself out. Steve jobs has repeatedly said one sentence at the presentation of iCloud in 2011:

It just works.

(“It just works”).

It’s not just a philosophy of individual service. And the idea.

Implying an Apple device, we represent one and the same: a simple, predictable interface, a minimum of settings and a stable job. All this is a consequence of working from ideas, not product.

Even a brief information about the company in PR newsletters Apple demonstrates adherence to this idea:

Apple has revolutionized the world of personal technology with the introduction of the Macintosh in 1984. Today Apple is the world leader in innovation, releasing iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Four software platforms Apple iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS provide perfectly coordinated work of all Apple devices and give users unique services, including the App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay and iCloud. Apple’s 100,000 employees are dedicated to making the best products on Earth and help make the world a better place than he was before.

See here even one mention of powerful processors, sharp screens, and other typical “sell chips”, plenty of capasirca with billboards of competitors?

Most rivals Apple, alas, no General idea, around which to build everything from philosophy to the smallest specifics of the products. And without ideas of their gadgets is just sets of features that expire in a couple of months.

Actually, it turns out three months, and the next “killer iPhone”, no one remembers.

The examples are not far to seek. Who now seriously speaks about the recent Oppo Find X with a pull-out camera? Someone else needs April Huawei P20 with three cameras at once, now secretly sold by retailers with a tremendous discount? And Meizu even alive?

Rhetorical questions, if that.

It’s simple: products become obsolete, the ideas remain. Apple is betting on the second and so wins.

So we are waiting for you at the start of sales of the next iPhone, whatever it was. Can criticize, argue and to seek alternatives to their product. But to find an alternative to ideas, with which it is impossible not to agree — no, impossible.


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