Apple does not want to repeat their own mistakes, so will always be to postpone the release of new products, if there is something wrong.

Conference FaceTime is one of the most anticipated features in iOS 12. Customers have been asking Apple to add such ability to the app for a few years. And according to the latest data, will have to wait a little longer.

The company chose to disable this feature and re-enable only after some time after the release of iOS 12. This decision obviously caused a very unstable work this option.

Beta iOS 12 is pretty stable. Many users work with it for several months, and during that time the system has proved far better than iOS 11, for example. But FaceTime works very badly. The connection is constantly dropped, interlocutors sometimes not visible, the program itself is slow and often shuts down randomly.

Apparently, this component of the system to debug Apple has not yet succeeded. Naturally, to run such crude product, the Corporation will not. Especially if you remember how bad iOS 11. The upcoming release should be as stable and smooth to regain the good name.

Yes, companies are often faced with marriage. Even if it is a small percentage of users, any problem causes massive dissonance in the media. Why did Apple create another infopovod, knowing about the problem in the firmware?

The Corporation Tim cook is not the first time delays the output of software innovations. Portrait mode, iMessage, iCloud, AirPlay 2. All these functions have been delayed because the engineers did not want to release a bad product. Better to make the audience wait six months than to release in a period of something unhealthy or dangerous to life, and then six months to apologize and promise to release a patch with fixes.


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