Why are iPhones so popular?

Probably, the iPhone is the only smartphone that people buy despite its technical parameters. They honestly believe that it is worth paying that kind of money just for the brand of this product. Why do many users prefer it?

The popularity of this smartphone lies precisely in the brand. It’s hard to see a successful person these days without an Apple gadget in hand. It is so advertised that consumers do not even notice the more affordable counterparts on the shelves of hardware stores.

Such popularity is undoubtedly the merit of the company’s marketing director Guy Kawasaki. He created a unique promotion strategy called evangelism. Buyers of products are so attached to the brand that they unknowingly become brand advertising agents and recommend products to their family and friends.

Does the iPhone have a technical edge over the competition?

It’s basically incorrect to compare Apple smartphones with competitors’ products, since they run on a separate operating system. Salespersons – consultants all the time use such a sales tool as comparison of technical capabilities. They put the iPhone and other smartphones of the same price segment next to them, claiming that the Apple gadget has an 8-core processor, although in fact the iPhone runs on a 2-core one. But even with such technical characteristics, the iphone has an advantage over any gadget based on the Android OS.

For example, according to the results of the Phone Buff bloggers’ test, the iPhone 6 won the NTS M8 and Samsung S6.

What about the design?

The unique design is also an important plus for the iPhone. Its creators did a good job on its development and took into account all the nuances of convenience when using the gadget.

In terms of materials, the back panel of the smartphone is made of special glass, which is chemically hardened. It is not only as practical as possible, but also very stylish.

Is it worth paying such a huge amount of money?

The information that the price of the iPhone is much higher than the price of analogs is a lie. If you monitor the market, you can easily find out that it is approximately equal to the cost of competing smartphones.

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