This is simply no doubt.

On March 8 it became known that Apple is in the final stages of developing its own augmented reality glasses. According to the renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will release the glasses in the first half of 2020, just a year. The new Apple promises to be innovative.

Apple creates glasses a few years

Leading insider, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and other major publications two years ago reported that Apple is creating its own AR glasses, an analogue of Google Glass. Each source noted that the company is working on a device.

Thus, Apple is developing augmented reality glasses for at least five years. The company keeps developing in the strictest confidence. We know only that the glasses are created. No details about the new device arrives. This speaks to the great secrecy of the project.

Every Apple fan knows what you get from the company is obtained when it is a long time and secretly working on new products. It turns out innovation. The latest example is the face detection Face ID, which even a year and a half after the release of the iPhone X is not repeated by any other manufacturer. By the way, exactly what analysts expected. The same Ming-Chi Kuo claimed that due to the Face ID Apple has outpaced the industry for at least two years. While the expert’s forecast comes true completely.

The Face ID feature was designed for real secret. Insiders managed to learn about it for when the iPhone X has been under preparation for production. By the way, Face ID also was in development for five years, this was repeatedly emphasized by Apple executives.

The same situation is now with the augmented reality glasses Apple. Glasses are created in the secret labs of Apple, used in their technology is unknown. It is obvious that the company is preparing a real hit.

It is noteworthy that just a few weeks ago Tim cook promised investors “incredible products that will blow all of the roof”. After today’s leak, it became clear that one of these products will be AR glasses Apple. And given what cook, they are really innovative.


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