Paul Gorodnitsky – why even in the hottest moments, it is important to keep a sober mind.

August 2018 – the time when the whole country is discussing the so-called “planting for the repost”. Kept on the wall a picture of Jesus – went to court, approved a joke about skin color – welcome to the site. Behind bars, most likely, will not fly away, but a suspended sentence to grab quite real.

The cases of this series, a Grand resonance. For example, an interview with Daniel Markin (19-year-old “extremist” from Barnaul) collected under 4 thousand shares in Facebook, and for Mary Matusow (23-year-old lover forbidden Mamatov) fit personally rapper Oxxxymiron. All sensible people understand that the law needs to be changed, because now there is close and there is no principle of justice.

But there are those who believe: no business would have brought, if not a damn social network “Vkontakte”. According to some inhabitants, it merges all the data, gives its users the security forces and do not deserve to be there, someone was sitting. Moreover, there are pundits who are calling to be removed from VK to avoid problems with the law due to saved images or other incriminating content.

I am also not happy with pasterovskogo VK, but it is important to understand that now those who work there sincerely trying to minimize the likelihood of any trouble, repost, and “illegal” meme. So hatiti “Vkontakte” – the last thing: this could happen with any Russian resource.

Below are three reasons why VK does not deserve the degree of hatred, which is now observed in the comments and social networks.

First, the resource directs Andrey Rogozov, the one who was with Paul Durov is still zero. If you examine the wall of Andrew, it will become clear that he fully shares the philosophy of culture, and (of course, within the Russian reality) trying to make it so that nothing interferes with the privacy of users. Recent innovations (a closed list of posts and completely slammed the page) – just from this series.

Second, “Vkontakte” does not drain and never leak your personal correspondence. It is a myth that lives in 2007, when the Internet spread stories that the social network is the FSB. The most unpleasant that may give VK – data for IP addresses (what and when came) and logs correspondence with technical support. But sorry: when you call on the phone, there is warning that conversations are recorded. Here is the same.

In the third place, VK is still the most popular Russian social network, where the easiest way to catch pseudoeurycea and implement a plan for open cases. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook this trick to crank out impossible due to their origin, and “Classmates” – very very peculiar territory: tired to look for the right meme among wishes “have a Nice day!”. Left “Vkontakte” – the one where so many witty Mamatov, people of different ages and open profiles. Perfect!

Again: now VK does nothing for that social network and its leadership can be criticized. Bosses of a resource are acting strictly in accordance with the law: he came well-designed inquiry – so can not be ignored. Sue is also useless – you lose. Therefore, all that is “Vkontakte” – to fend off incorrectly formatted requests and to promote the abolition of the articles, which are now absurdly attractive to young people.

This outcome and need to do to destroy the cause, not the consequence. It is a pity that such an obvious thought comes not to all.


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