Nokia 3310 is the only phone that is the same love and simple buyers and., and even collectors. Timeless classics, which compose the plausibility of different legends and different level of wit jokes. Why among all Nokias with four digits in the index became a hit this, and what it is possible to compare the importance of modern mobile phones?

Liked everything, but nobody can remember why

Don’t you think that the recent topics of debate about cell phones getting smaller? No one seriously talks about smartphones, as the technology or purchase for many years to come: bought a couple of years used “wear”, and then changed to something new, because the old model is already “does not pull”, the battery has worn to shreds, and the screen or the casing got during the operation, and spend the money to repair this miracle has no meaning.

Some enthusiasts, of course, wrapped in cell phones covers and safety glasses, Amateur get into the firmware with a new version of Android on old hardware and generally having a good time, but no one seriously pays attention to the smartphones of previous years, if it’s not a flagship “for the sake of showing off”, as used iPhone.

So today it is difficult for us to understand why people are so fond of “no” (with a height of 2019) Nokia 3310 — so Yes, these cell phones sold 130 million units! And this at a time when phones:

were not all on one person

developed at breakneck speed each year.

If interrogation of the former owners of the Nokia 3310, they either mumbled in response, some stereotypes “I broke-broke, but he’s not broke!” or recognized as “all bought, and I bought”. Human memory is short, so if you don’t have an obsession with something whole soul, remember only the stereotypes. So bill Clinton, in people’s memory seems to be not doing anything except oral declination Monica Lewinsky, boyar life played d’artagnan, and Elvis Presley walked in and said “A-ADF-BAP-a-lumpa-Gud-goddam, tutti-fruti”. Who these people were in fact, almost nobody cares.

Against this background, not so scary that from people’s memory was erased blockbuster mobile 19-year-old. Especially because now we will remind you what it was in reality.

Nokia 3310 — not fell from the sky and was not the first of its kind

“God created the heavens and the earth, water and light, and separated light from darkness; on the second day made the firmament between the waters, divided the waters above the firmament from the waters under the firmament”. And then picked up and sent to the Finnish engineers the revelation of how to make a unique phone for nothing. So, you think it was?

And in fact, the Nokia 3310 was already late, Mature, clean from a technical point of view model. Watch the hands:

In 1994 Nokia 2110— a huge mandula with the size of 6.4-inch Samsung Galaxy S10+ and weight as two iPhone SE/5S combined. In our area almost never met, and bought it only very wealthy guys… and then suffer with use. Because the battery lasted half a day (during a call, the battery was discharged from 100% to 0% for an hour and a half), during a call you needed to get a long antenna that stuck out of old cars.

Russian language, this mobile is not digested in any way, the SMS is sent only as short as possible. But the menu looked already like it was made for the later Nokias, and it was the first phone with the built-in melody.

A modified version of this phone has turned into the very “Nokia banana from the Matrix, the Nokia 8110 in 1996. More built-in ringtones, more memory in address book, support for delivery reports for SMS (don’t laugh, it was a novelty), the display name of the caller, multilingual firmware, font setup. And the antenna is not in the style of the fishing line, and compact.

In 1997 almost all the features of the former flagship migrated to cheaper Nokia 3110 — still with the antenna, but relatively compact and lightweight. It also appeared on that same slant navigation key and a new control logic system.

In 1999, the Nokia 3210 came out — with a radically improved battery life and battery 1250 mAh (3110 regular battery had only 400 mAh, and reinforced looked like a case PowerBank for iPhone and not buy separately). With almost the “same” design, testestrone screen (on the screen of the Nokia 3110 was placed less text), GSM 900/1800 dual band for best reception (the old models were GSM only 900).

But the drawbacks are enough — the weight was still sour (151 g), the vibrate function was not (“the boys” learned how to solder it by yourself in the collective conditions, but such operations are few who dare) and the network this Nokia… catching bad — a consequence of the dual-band modem. SMS in Russian language it was possible to make and send was only possible in Latin. Kak tebe takoe, Ilon Mask? But, at least, SMS can be done long before it was… ahem, “mate” with the system and to produce a separate SMS, if you do not fit into 160 characters in English letters. And the keyboard is very wore out quickly, as some crappy cheap remote for the TV. So good, in General, a telephone, take the heat, but the real hit, he did not.

A Nokia 3310, you know now!

Nokia 3310 bought at time of release not for what we know about him now

“Legendary toughness” and “super-strength” is, pardon my French, memes (the imposed stereotypes) online idlers already in the era of touchscreen smartphones. It is clear that neprofesional never needed motivation to spend the money on a mobile phone today — enough to hang noodles on the “unique user experience” and “the more megapixels, the better.” And the people who studied plate characteristics as it was fashionable in the days of paper catalogs, or those who listened to the shop assistants when they were not privately SIM cards and accessories packs, chose Nokia 3310 here for that:

Vibrate. Because usually mobile phones it was either “colosio” the means at hand, or have offered in the flagship. And the time was such that leaders were only guys in crimson jackets and other interesting personalities.

35 pre-installed melodies + 7 editable. We had fun as I could — around cassette players, a little bit powerful recorder demanded bundles of thick and expensive batteries to turn the cassette away from the outlet to the radio outside of the cities was caught so myself. Therefore, all musical miracles were attributed to cell phones. Factors “Oh, I’m tired of this melody — choose another!” — excuse, because in those days communication was expensive and so often no one called.

And new ringtones you can drive with the help of the alphabet — each note separately. Rewrite all this stuff from the magazine, and here’s your Finnish cell phone begins playing the Russian melody of “Brigade” or something similar.

The Game “Snake”. In phones until 2000 edition entertainment everything was bad, the features were “on a serious soup”, so it can be funny except that it was a compilation of notes or setting alarms. Anyway, I really wanted to play on something. Somewhere in Europe-America, people bought to do all kinds of Nintendo GameBoy Advance, but in our area almost all of the entertainment along the way was that Tetris “Brick Game”, and on the background of the game in the mobile phone seemed like a good way to brighten up time.

Save and send SMS in Cyrillic. Then it was fashionable to say that “not very much need it!”, because the SMS cost is wildly expensive, and one TEXT in the Latin alphabet can accommodate 160 characters to 70 characters in Cyrillic. And yet those who were nicer to correspond to normal Russian language vmesto vsyakogo idiotizma v funkciyah, there were more than conservatives. And again, SMS is possible to do long and send in one fell swoop rather than sending separately a short message, if you need to write a lot of things.

Stickers and completion under itself before it became fashionable. Replace the operator logo on a picture of a naked woman (or a Teddy bear who) — a Holy cause. Send “roses” or “a very funny phrase” in SMS Kah — chic. And worked all this infographic (EMS) in phones that have never seen any Internet connection. It is then similar twistables will appear everywhere, and in the era of big mobile phones with a monochrome screen such functions, you know, the standard has not yet been.

The antenna is inside the case. Before you wonder, “what is this?”, view was like Siemens, Ericsson and Samsung from the same era.

Nokia was not the first, who hid the antenna inside the case, but was one of the first to make a smartphone with good network connection in this form factor. As you may recall, Apple this “innovation” did not come immediately.

There were other useful things: the fact that the phone showed the time was an achievement — some of the Siemens, for example “elite” function was not. Animated menus — with them a mobile phone was perceived better than “real” counterparts (and this was partly true — if the phone did the trick, it was an indirect sign that the processor in it allows it to do so, was more powerful than the competition).

Change sound profiles with the power button — a very handy thing. Many phones of that time had to go deep into settings to turn the sound off or switch to vibrate.

About such “trifles” as the fact that many mobile phones have not completed the conversation, if on the opposite end someone hung up, not even worth talking about. Nokia such nonsense is not allowed even in “shaggy”, for it loved her.

What about the autonomy and strength?

Strength is not a correct expression, because when you drop the Nokia 3310 was left intact, and scattered on the hull, the cover and the battery. But all these spare parts remained intact. And 3310 is well tolerated heat and cold, moisture or even sand.

Because the filling was worked out on the old models, weaknesses in design have eliminated in advance, and the design does not have any complicated loops, glue or such newfangled nonsense — the cell phone sorted out and going as a designer. Fasteners that could break in a fall. The screen is not glued to the front panel, as it is now in smartphones, and lived under it my life and therefore, the shock almost did not react. Yes, and the panels were removable (for glamour mainly and not for renovations) — “to dress” smart phone with a cracked plastic was easy and cheap.

But the legend of the “incredible” autonomy Nokia 3310 — no more than legends. Included 3310 new in perfect condition in the era of the old 2G networks (leaky, with a weak reception level) worked 4 days. Against the backdrop of modern smartphones autonomy seems awesome, on the background of ancient mobile phones 1996-1998, too. But in 2000, worked so hard and competing mobile phones — Ericsson A2628s or Motorola CD930 worked the same, except that the Siemens C25 is discharged faster. At the same time on a full charge, the Nokia 3310 was required 3.5-4 hours, faster than the 900 mAh to recharge it could not.

Whether deserved love Nokia 3310?

For all its faults it is still good. Cheap it began to be perceived only recently — by the standards of 2000 it was expensive and cost $180-200. Truly budget phones, such as Siemens A35, for example, cost $100 with the same monophonic ringtones and black and white screens, and even with a vibrator!

But the Siemens was much more than a small screen on which text is displayed only on one line, was less melodies, there were no pictures in SMS was worse autonomy, the worse the signal reception and sometimes the “bugs” without any reason. And Nokia gave the people stability, a decent set of features to the flagship, which was released 1-2 years earlier and feeling inexpensive things that still made “love” and not “suffer, you bastard beggar!”, as a long time practiced Samsung and Motorola in their state. For such people were willing to overpay.

With any modern phone you can compare the Nokia 3310?

Here check it out. Facts: — the Current “not state employees, but not yet a full-fledged middle class” among smartphones is models between 15 to 20 thousand rubles. The Nokia 3310 was tuned by the public sector, which offered more autonomy and opportunities than the usual “state employees”, but to cool subliminal does not hold. — It is most appreciated for the autonomy and practicality.

In the modern realities of its nearest counterparts — Samsung Galaxy A50 (Samsung is on the verge of budget and middle class with decent functionality), 8X Honor and Redmi Note 7 (Huawei and Saami steep autonomy and “full stuffing” in comparison with the full-blooded public sector). That’s just whether to sing this Samsunga-Huawei-saamam laudatory odes 19 years later

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